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Friday, November 25, 2005

Humour on global warming - honest!

"I have a President who thinks Kyoto is that guy his father threw up on in Japan...."

Want to see a video message from the President on global warming (Pres. Will Farrell that is)? Bill Maher on stage too. Thanks to onegoodmove.org (go here for clips)

It's probably not nice to laugh at the American president, huh? I can't help it, though - I think I need more sensitivity training.
I find I have to laugh at President Bush - it's a release that allows me to sleep at night. If he was President of Togo or Slovenia, I might not be so disturbed - but he has such a huge influence on the world... much of it harmful to children and other living creatures.

As the cooking metaphor goes: "If you can't take the heat, stay out of the kitchen." I guess another version might be, "If you don't want to be criticized, stay off the electoral ballot."
He's gotta be in the top 10, anyway.
Please, madcap, go ahead and laugh at him, and laugh hard. He deserves it. Everybody here knows he's really serving a term as court jester while his dad and Darth Cheney pull all the strings.

I love the Kyoto line. Almost fell out of the chair laughing.

Great post, Gary.

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