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Monday, November 21, 2005

Anyone out there stressed?

Is it just me or are we all a tad stressed? It seems that between earning a living, being part of a family, keeping up with the world, volunteer work, trying to eat, sleep and exercise... and simply looking for a quiet moment - it's a fast ride for me.

Sometimes I think I'd like to take all of my eggs and put them in a basket that looks like a little cabin in the woods, a small garden out back, a shelf of books and an occasional slow trip to somewhere warm (drive to Mexico and camp maybe)...

Here are two questions for you:
1. How do you deal with the stress of everyday busy living?
2. What is your respite picture/fantasy when you feel a bit overwhelmed?

I think one good way to deal with stress, is to create mind time out!! By renewing energy …… like …………….say 10-15 mins away from it!! Set an alarm to go off after that!! Either imaginary in your head or actually.

How do you do it ?
Imagine your entering your mind time out room. Only you have the “exclusive “key to the door. You enter and decide to unlock the door; no more thoughts or people can now enter through the closed door, unless you allow them in. You relax and think of your favourite spot, in nature or whatever, you simply think about that for the duration, and when finished you “unlock” the door and walk out into the world again refreshed.
(I like "pictures " of the sea.)

Then pretend to juggle a number of “balls “in the air for a few minutes. Throw them up in the air and pretend to catch them. Allow a few to fall, since you have thown too many up at a time !!

Sound too familiar!! I think mind time reduces stress.
i'm fortunate to live in a world where problems and pleasures are transient; nothing lasts forever.

if it's a bad moment, it won't last forever. if it's a good moment, appreciate it while you can.

of course, that's an ideal philosophy and doesn't work every time. but that's life! :D

there are few things more theraputic than the sensation of the sun's warmth on your back - whether you're working or doing nothing.

i've only had a little look but you have an interesting little site here. :o)
1. I don't have a stressful job... *lol* I sell tickets in a museum, and about 70% of the time I can surf the net, making comments to blogs... brilliant job.. But earlier - when I didn't have this wonderful job, I stressed a lot, and to cope I meditate. I can meditate just about everywhere at any time. Even on a packed bus.
2. My retreat place/runaway place is the forrest where I grew up. I had the most wonderful time there. The house was right next to a small lake where I used to swim, go fishing, or just stare at the dance of the dragonflies from water lilly to water lilly. I had my own secret place where I used to go when I needed alone-time, and I can go there whenever I want in my mind.

PS - loved the music-question too..
What great ideas for de-stressing...in addition to the visualizations and attitude adjustments you 3 describe, I like the 'sun on my back' and 'less stressful work'.

I refuse to be intimated by reality anymore. What is reality? Nothing but a collective hunch.
– Lily Tomlin
I love that picture! That looks wonderfully peaceful. I'm a daydreamer. I'm always dreaming up stories or musing about something or another. So, I let my mind just drift away. Also, at the end of the day, my kids and I settle down and read together, often something funny, which really ends the day in a positive way.
In my mind, whenever I start to feel that kind of overwhelming stress I'm not sure I can deal with, I find myself back in the piney woods of Houston, Texas. Just looking up at those trees that seem to go up forever. Kind of bizarre because I never particularly liked Houston. But that's where my mind goes every time I get stressed out. The Piney Woods of South East Houston.

The same woods run through an area near here which is really bizarre because we are mostly desert. Yet in this one little area grow all kinds of beautiful pine trees.

What I think I like about the pines is they give the illusion of being in the mountains.
Thanks for the images and ideas all.

I have a few techniques, including a form meditation I've done for 30 years, long walks (it's beautiful where I live), extra sleep and when possible - massage on my upper back and shoulders. We also have a hotsprings not far from here that is pretty amazing - includes accessible caves where the water comes out. My problem is remembering/taking time to do all or any of the above.

Oh yeah, the hotsprings:

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