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Friday, November 11, 2005

My prayer for our time

God, if you exist and read English and care about this particular blog and aren't too busy receiving souls from the war in Iraq, earthquake in Pakistan, AIDS in Africa etc...I have a some questions for you.

"What the hell is religion all about? Is it really of any value to you? Do you really want us squinting at these old books; listening to these generally annoying men who interpret the books; praying to you or your sales representatives about everything from elections to winning poker hands; shutting down our brains; spending time to convince each other that our religion must be better than others; imagining all kinds of dreamy after-death fantasies?"

I'd like to know. If you are there - perhaps you could bless us all with forgetting about you (and religion) for a while. We really do need some common sense and some peace - I'm not sure your approach is working.

As a Catholic desperately trying to keep some semblance of faith... I just know in my soul that God/ Goddess/ Creator is not happy with what is going on in His/Her/It's name. As hard as it is for me to keep the faith when I have had to turn my back on the ceaseless hypocrisy of my Church and deal with these forked tongued belly slitherers in the US, I need only look at my kiddo and know that there is something Divine in all of us and that it must come from a Divine source. You're such a good spirit Gary... the Divine is clearly w/in you.
Hi Gary,

Your prayer sounds like a letter I wrote to Jesus a few months ago. I've come to accept the fact that God is good, but a large part of his/her corporate representation sucks. Why would anyone (anyone not featherplucking crazy) want to make friends with a God who looks and acts like Pat Robertson or Jerry Falwell?

One thing I've really come to appreciate about Jesus is that he spent a fair amount of time laying the wood to the religious leaders of his time. I really wish that Jesus would show up about now with whip in hand and cleanse the temple of those who name his name but reject his teachings and his heart.

In my letter to Jesus, I wanted to resign from Christianity. I think that it is entirely possible for a person to reject the cultural expression of Christianity and still have a relationship with God. In fact, it may be quite necessary to reject the cultural expression of Christianity in order to have a meaningful relationship with God.

Just a few scattered thoughts.


Thanks Tina and Mike. I do respect everyone's struggle to find their way and deeply respect those who understand that truth, faith and right living are by definition... a struggle.

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