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Thursday, November 17, 2005

On the road ...and what's your song?

Photo has no particular relevance...just love these guys (from the March of the Penguins)

I've been travelling just about every week - that damn 'earning a living' thing... Haven't posted a lot, but have bloggie thoughts.

First, I appreciate Tina, Madcap, Julian Blue, Pica, Dr. Mike, Anna and all the rest who visit and leave messages. I feel like I have interesting friends out there.

Here's a question for you: What is one piece of music that you really like these days and why? (Leave a link if you have it.)

My favourite these days is REBELLION by Arcade Fire (a Montreal band that I've posted on). They're just so full of energy and while their lyrics are pretty earnest, they feel very upbeat and positive (like most of you). Here's a Rolling Stone link to 3 videos(including REBELLION). Meant to be played loudly.

Sorry about the ad the site plays first...

What fun!

I've been into Peter Mayerlately. (Not Jimmy Buffet's old guitarist - the other one).

My two favorite songs by him are Blue Boat Home and Holy Now. Hopefully the links work. He's allowed free full length MP3 downloads of both songs at Paste Music. I love almost all of his stuff. It just fits quite well with where I'm at spiritually right now. (Holy Now is basically about how the bread and the wine in church used to be holy, but everything is holy now, etc. Blue Boat Home - the wide universe is the ocean I travel and the earth is my Blue Boat Home.)

And I also enjoy Morissey - especially "Sing Your Life" which is one of his more upbeat and happy songs. I'm extremely eclectic. What can I say??

Thanks for the question Gary. Can't wait to hear other suggestions.

ms. squiggle
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Yeah Gary... we love ya!

There are 6 artists that I have been listening to repeatedly:
1) Scissor Sisters' Remixed
2) Audioslave's Out of Exile plus their DVD Live in Cuba
3)Sheryl Crow's Wildflower
4)Eminem's new track "When I'm Gone" from his unreleased Curtain Call
5)Green Day's American Idiot plus their live DVD Bullet in a Bible
6)Madonna's Confessions on a Dancefloor (IT is GREAT!! It is like a amazing mix tape... I am so impressed with this CD, and I just got it on Tuesday).
OK - I'll try this again: I thought I'd also put in a plug for Rachel Byrnes. She composed music to some poetry I wrote a while back and it was amazing. (I'm not much of a poet so it was extra cool to hear it put to music.) She has some music on her blog. Check it out here.

Hopefully that works this time.

BTW - Liked Arcade Fire. Thanks for the list.
At the risk of sounding like a "world music freak," my husband and I have had three Putumayo CD compilations in heavy rotation in our car.
We like Asian Groove, Latin Groove, and Arabic Groove.
Other than that, it's the Garden State soundtrack. Over. And over. And over.
I'm working my way through these cool tips. While I'm doing this, I'm listening to a radio link on the Putumayo site. Very nice African stuff happening right now (and I should be working). Hey, Big IZ on now!

I'll get to Rachel Byrnes when I break for coffee and to walk our ancient dog.
Well, when I drive lately, it's usually at a good time to listen to NPR, and The Diane Rehm Show has been so good lately, as has Talk of the Nation. But I'm embarrassed to say I've taken a detour back into the past musically. I've thought about blogging on this subject, actually, and I may rant yet. But hearing Paul Rodgers do Freddie Mercury's songs just seems wrong to me. Those songs can only be sung by Freddie. (Not that I don't admire Rodgers' ability. I do!) So, I've been listening to Queen again, and Springsteen, and some others I'd just better not mention (okay, Rush). My favorite person to listen to and just zone out is Sarah MacLachlan. Am I getting old?
We're all getting older Julian Blue! But hey, anyone who can get down with Queen and zone out to Sarah MacLachlan is cool in my book. I love some classic stuff too (Neil Young comes to mind).

I think it's my teens who have steered me also to ska, punk, reggae, world music etc. (I took a pass on hip hop.)
I can only react to the penguin pics. I think the penguin babies have cornered the market on cute. Please never, NEVER post baby penguins, harp seal babies, pups, kitties, arctic foxes, bushbabies, panda babies, tiger or lion cubs all at once. I may have a coronary.
Neil Young is one of my all-time favorites.
Tina - thanks for the tip on Audioslaves - new to me and I really love them. Anyone else wants a taste, there's a great video link to I Am The Highway here:
Ms. Squiggle, thanks for your plug. Apart from my music (ha ha ha) one of my fav songs is "sister awake" (the acoustic exotic instrument version) by the tea party. You can download a live version of this song by visting www.theteaparty.de If you become a member you can get access to a whole lot of cool live recordings. They have been such an inspiration to me, especially their earlier work. I'm also loving Emilianna Torinni at the moment. She is a magical singer from iceland. Samples of her music are available on amazon.com
Thanks Rachael - love your songs - let us know if you come to N. America.
Fun question!
I had a great time reading and testing the tips in the comments. I ende up downloading the songs of Rachel. Loved them!
I've been working on a music blog lately, posting some of my favorite songs from favorite bands. My absolute favorite bands lately is Madrugada. Never heard of them? They're a Norwegian band that deserves more attention. I've posted one of their songs on my music blog. The link: http://nerdine.castpost.com/
Oh - LOVED Rebellion by the way... I'll be looking up Arcade Fire at the music store...
I feel musically richer these days - thanks for the tip on Madrugada - I think the tune on your site is great. I'll look them up further.

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