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Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Clinton speaks on the big mistake of the Iraq war

Bill Clinton is becoming more vocal with his criticism of the Iraq war - both how the US got into in it and how it's been executed. (Straight Goods link here) Many Americans respect President Clinton and he is considered one of the most influential people in the world outside the US (some polls have indicated that he's seen as the most influential).

While I'd rather have lunch with the Dalai Lama or Nelson Mandela - I appreciate Bill's speaking out. Maybe next time he's flying to some disaster fundraiser with George Bush Senior he can get the old guy to whisper in his son's ear, "It's time to quit and spend more time in Crawford, son..."

I remember when I went with my parents and my best friend to see Clinton and Gore speak in Akron Ohio before they were elected the first time. I was in high school at the time and couldn't vote for him, but I will say this much: Watching Bill Clinton speak in person is enchanting. He simply has this charisma that you just can't describe, and he is so very intelligent. It is no mystery to me why Clinton has had so many extra-marital affairs-- he is simply attractive and draws you in when he speaks, and it has nothing to do with his physical appearance.

Yeah... I wish Bush the Elder would talk to his criminally negligent son, but I heard a rumor that Bush Jr is not even speaking to his dad right now. The rumor is that Bush the Elder pissed off Jr bigtime due to Elder's harsh words about the various WH scandals and souring situation in Iraq. Jr supposedly only speaks to these 4 people every single day: His wife, his mom, Condi Rice, and Karen Hughes. Imagine all that will ya? Dubya refuses to even take constructive criticism from his own father.
I have at least a lot more respect for Clinton than Bush jr - that's for sure. Not that that's a big accomplishment. I have a lot more respect for the painting gorilla Koko (http://ali.apple.com/ali_sites/ali/exhibits/1000790/Gorilla_Art.html) than your current President. He seems like the sulking kind of person - I wouldnt be surprised if he is sulking because Bush senior has said something he didn't like.
Btw - heard that Jeb(?) Bush was thinking of running for President?? yahoo! - yet another Bush for President!! when can you start Jeb??
Washington observed by Tony Walker, reporting in the Australian Financial Review of the 11th November has as its headline “For Bush, it must be Torture".

Bush and his Vice President, Dick Chaney,want,indeed demand that the CIA retain the right to use means to extract information that would clearly not fall within the Geneva Convention ban on cruel and inhuman treatment.

I think the central “theme’ on this phoney "War on terror" is that those involved are “justified” in any means. So I think its unlikeky George Jnr is about to change his mind on the need for the war, it's continunce.

Senator John McCain was defeated, a lone voice of dissent, in his attempts to remove the weapons of torture from secret CIA prisons.

On the CIA,it was reported down under there was questioning in the Canadian parliament by the oppostion party about special CIA secret flights over Canadian air space, transporting Terrorists to friendly allies camps, away from the prying eyes of the world. Your Minister is to investigate the matter?
What's going On ? those Boys from the CIA are clever lot of chaps arn't they ?

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