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Friday, December 02, 2005

Sasha - Teacher of Compassion

I don't usually post personal items, but I want you to see Sasha, our Chihuahua, who is going on 16 and teaches us compassion. We took him in to foster care (from the SPCA) when he was 14. Needless to say... he stayed.

He's blind, deaf, mute and doesn't have many teeth. His days of jumping and yapping at front doors, biting ankles, humping pillows etc. are long gone. He spends about... well... about 22 hours a day right where he is in this picture. The other hour or two is spent on walks (carry him down and up the front steps), on long epic poops (the time, not the actual poo) and sometimes on a lap in front of the TV (he prefers his bed most of the time). He always wags his tail and does his best to wiggle happily when any of this attention is coming his way.

I think of him as in the 'assisted-living' stage of life. Anyhow, everyone who meets Sasha likes him and most make a little sound like, "Ohhhhh..". I think it's the sound of compassion.

I made a little "ooohhh!" sound in my head when I saw the picture! What a sweetheart. We're thinking about getting a chihuahua some day.

I don't care what they say, I think dogs can teach us as much about human nature as people can.
Compassion seems the right feeling for me as well Gary, one could instantly love a little animal like that.

My girlfriend would like a dog too but since we are both working I would feel sorry for the dog. Now that I read that yours is sleeping most of the day I am having second thoughts..

Have a loving weekend,
Very sweet!
Bless you for adopting an older dog. They so often are the hardest to find homes for.

I made an audible "oooooh" when Sasha's picture came up. How could you not?

I'm glad you took the opportunity to do a personal post.
Posting of pet photos permitted! Leave a link here and we'll have a peek at your animal friends.
He is darling, Gary. We have a Springer/Border Collie mix who is 11 and went blind very quickly...she went from a ball of fire to a dog who never moves unless she has to - she doesn't even bark anymore. The kids have been so sweet to her because they know she's afraid of everything now that she can't see, and even the cats, who used to run from her, have taken her under their wing and have become 'seeing eye' cats - they guide her around by nudging and meowing at her. It's pretty amazing.
she's goregeous!
My mum had a bichon frisee a few years back that followed her around everywhere - even at work. My mum works with people who have different psychological problems, and "Shira" was part of the professional team there. If you have problems, and don't really want to talk about them it's amazing how a dog or a cat helps. "fur therapy" I call it...
Gary, your Sasha is adorable. I plan to adopt a dog someday. For now my pet Jackie was bought from a pet store and she's my life at the moment. You can check her out on my blog. Cheers!

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