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Monday, November 28, 2005

First woman GI war resister

Katherine Jashinski

SPC Katherine Jashinski has publically announced her intention to refuse orders to complete weapons training in preparation for being sent to war (story). She made this announcement at the gates of Fort Benning.

There are a number of US War Resisters in Canada, some seeking refugee status. Interesting times!

A war without legality... launched in a cloud of lies and executed through an occupying force...men and women who are unable to express their conscientious objection. (Thanks to Penney Kome, Editor of Straight Goods for linking to this story.)

Gary: The plan is Bush will make a pomp and circimstance gesture and draw down the number of troops in Iraq, but will simply step up the number of bombings to keep the killing chugging along at a steady pace. Il Duce Bush is scheduled to make a "big" announcement on Weds... yawn... and then this will miraculously make his poll numbers start climbing. Yeah, he may reduce the number of our people killed, but he'll just continue the mass killings of Iraqis, and God knows, that won't create hatred for the US in the Middle East and feed terrorist intentions, now will it?
Do these young foke know who they are ? I think they do !!
When good people decide to do stand by their integrity, stand up for that integrity in their actions, that’s what slowly brings about change in the long term for the better.

I think its what binds us together as part of our global village, a mutual respect to stand against human rights abuses and stand up for freedom of choice, our community morality, an expression of who we are and what we stand for.

So does fighting terrorism means we throw the rule book out the window. use sophisticated terrorist tactics like torture to fight terrorism and let’s let everyone know we have the moral “right” to make pre emptive strikes against anyone…..if your not with us ….your against us …..you had better look out. I almost forgot to include the remarks of well known evangelist …wars sometimes the only solution but we can always pray that gods on our side.
what an amazing story! something I didn't realise was occuring in the US: citizens seeking political asylum because their convictions are at odds with those of their own country's establishment. this is the USA?!

it makes a person think.
That lady looks like a contemplative Madonna.
She doesn't look like she has the 'killer instinct', does she?

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