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Friday, December 02, 2005

1,000 Execution Takes Place - Bush voices death penalty support

It's disgraceful - in the name of justice, the 1,000th prisioner has been killed in the U.S. (BBC coverage here) If you are someone who still needs information to decide whether the death penalty is just or fair - just have a little peek here and take some time to read. (And please, if you're leaving a comment, don't give me religious reasons for killing others - I don't think Buddha, Jesus or Mohamed want you to...)

I'm not sure President Bush can read, but if you're American, you could always vote him out of office...

Texas - 355
Virginia - 94
Oklahoma - 79
Missouri - 66
Florida - 60
Georgia - 39
North Carolina - 38
South Carolina, Alabama - 34 each
Louisiana, Arkansas - 27 each
Arizona - 22
Ohio - 19
Indiana - 16
Delaware - 14
Illinois - 12
Nevada, California - 11 each
Mississippi, Utah - 6 each
Maryland, Washington - 4 each
Nebraska, Pennsylvania - 3 each
Kentucky, Montana, Oregon - 2 each
Colorado, Connecticut, Idaho, New Mexico, Tennessee, Wyoming - 1 each
US government - 3

Amnesty International's Kate Allen said that the landmark death "puts the US in the same company as countries like China, Iran, Saudi Arabia and Vietnam".

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My fair state executes more people than all countries combined. Before Bush was President, he was Governor of Texas.
Another problem that has been under much discussion lately is that they are finding that people being executed are innocent of the crime for which they are being executed. That's a scary thought. Even if you support the death penalty, surely you see that it's horrible to apply it to even ONE innocent person. That cannot be justified. Ever! Scary.
Yes, there are two huge problems with captial punishment: the first is the basic human rights issue and the second is the process (it's always possible to find the systemic flaws - to discover who is killing who and for what reasons...) Justice is a different issue. As for it being a deterrent - the U.S. has the highest murder rate in the industrialized world, even with executions.
El Shrubbo kills to prove his "manhood." Since he showed us all what a pathetuic coward he is back when he had a chance to serve in Vietnam, he thinks that somehow ordering executions and starting wars will erase that fact from his yellow ass. I don't think so.

He's still as chickenshit as a bunny in a dog pound. A truly disgusting example of humanity.
Thank you for taking note of this event.
I find it a highly unfair system. It seems to me that those who end up on death row are poor people who couldn't afford a proper attorney. Seems like rich people can afford to pay enough for a big team of attorneys - then it's more likely they don't get the death sentence...
also - what's the ratio between colored vs white on death row??

just a few thoughts...
Nerdine - here is some recent data on executions by race(since 1976). Black people are about 10% of the population in the US. 99% of the executions were men.


White 563 (57%)
Black 327 (34%)
Hispanic 061 (06%)
Native Am 014 (01%)
Asian 008 (01%)
thanks for that!
Black people are 10% of the population of the US, and 34% of the executed. that's kind of high isn't it?

BTW - how did it go on saturday?
Yeah, more than kind of high. If you look at the stats on socioeconomic status, they're just as skewed. Money? Probably won't die. Poor? Sweet out of luck...

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