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Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Canada will investigate allegations of secret CIA flights (join the club)

The US kidnaps people here and there, then puts them on unmarked CIA aircraft and sends them to dark, secret places (in say... Poland or Egypt or Syria) where they can be imprisoned, interrogated, undoubtedly tortured in many cases... No legal process, no charges, in fact in Chile and Argentina and so many other places this is knows as DISAPPEARANCES. (Amnesty information here)

Nice. And this is going to help us maintain rights and freedoms?

Condi Rice is on a fire-fighting trip to Europe to quiet down the whiners who don't like their airports being used for this (and who knows what other assistance?).

Go media! Find the dirt and get it out - make Condi and George squirm. Make European governments squirm...Hell, make the Canadian government squirm (Canada story here).

Makes the hobby of airplane watching a lot more interesting for those that put out the folding chairs and sit by runways..

caricature by Fico Molina - find his work here

I was wondering when you were going to post on this interesting development. Check out the "fineprint" on the definition of torture. Condi is giving all of thses assurances at the moment .......we dont stand for torture .........That's under the USA defintion ........unrelated to internataional law that uphold human rights. To hell with the geneva convention,human rights and any of your puny measures ... hanvn't you heard .....America needs to "protect" itself !! You need to be tough enough to do that .....!!
let the "backlash" continue against a super powers arrogancy continue !!
there has been some discussion in Norway lately after the election whether or not we should send more soldiers to Irak and Afghanistan. One question was that if we do - don't we support Bush in his wish to use torture in the fight against terror?
There has been a wish from some members of parliament to withdraw our soldiers in these countries until President Bush wake up and see that he brakes the Geneva Convention on several points.
I wasn't aware that there's also kidnappings to deal with, but somehow I'm not surprised.

How the hell did he manage to be elected for a second period in office??
Do Socialists actually believe their own truths or merely expect those less sophisticated to believe their false truths?
Hmmm bohemiantroubador... that could be said about conservatives or others with a political agenda too?

Is America the only country where 'socialist' is still a nasty word? It isn't anywhere else that I've been. In fact, I'd describe Canada as a social democracy.
Yes Gary... socialism is one of the many words on the verboten list to freaks like that asshat above. Socialism, along w/words like universal healthcare, public education, freedom, and civil rights are on a goosestepping watchlist... sigh... but I do love the snazzy Condi Rice likeness. It does so capture her vapid inner toothyness, no?
George Bush is hardly conservative in the traditional American sense.
Agree! (with comment above)

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