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Saturday, December 10, 2005

Time limited offer

If this link remains, some of you will enjoy the show. Not too kind to someone we know.... Warning, the word asshole is sung many times. (Thanks to Micheal D. for the link.)

1. Go to
2- Type in "asshole", without the quotes
3- Instead of hitting "Search" hit "I'm feeling Lucky"
4- Tell your friends before the people at Google fix it

If you don't find a video and song, let me know and I'll send you the direct link

I found a silly samurai game Gary..
If it doesn't come in through the GOOGLE search, go to this site:
Too funny!!!
This was great! Thanks!
It's hilarious Gary! How did you even find this?
Great Gary,

So true unfortunately..
Still works on Google. My, my! Nicely done!
Gary: I'm linking to this post and giving you the proper hat tip for Monday, Dec 12th. The song and film are FABULOUS.

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