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Thursday, December 08, 2005

Get Ready to MAKE SOME NOISE for Human Rights

"Music speaks the language of freedom, revolution and solidarity. Witout that freedom - without music that is angry, joyful and necessary - we are nothing."
- Yoko Ono

Amnesty International is launching a huge international music campaign, with prominent artists performing songs from the John Lennon songbook (with Yoko Ono's support). The songs will be available for download and will also be sold as CDs. There will be country-specific CDs coming out as well.

How would you like to hear Avril Lavigne do Imagine? (I know that sounds weird, perhaps even blasphemous, but I heard an early version - it's good.) Black Eye Peas, the Cure, Snow Patrol and Postal Service all have songs coming out soon. In Canada I think we'll have the Barenaked Ladies, Sarah McLaughlin and lots of surprises.

Money goes to Amnesty. The noise goes to wake up people to fight for human rights (and to remember a great man of our era - John Lennon).

Get info here

ooh - cool!
I enjoy coverversions of well known songs. And when someone I support gets the money for what I buy - well even better!
Great initiative, I'm in for it.
I would love to hear Sarah do some Lennon songs!
I know how to enforce human rights.

Take 15 bagpipers, surround the offenders, play Beatles songs and don't stop until you get the promises in writing and they beg for mercy. That'll learn 'em.

But if that makes you squeamish, I guess we'll have to go with plan A, Gary. BTW, I've heard Avril Lavigne, and in my humble opinion, I think the bagpipes would be kinder.
Hey Madcap, careful now...I enjoy the Beatles AND bagpipes. However, if you had 15 of em surround me and play Yellow Submarine non-stop - it would qualify as cruel and unusual punishment.

As for Avril, I'm not a fan either, but I had a sneak preview of her recording of Imagine... and well, it's not bad. I'll let you judge once it's available to pass around.

You're kind of feisty today. Try another haiku to calm down...maybe something about the above:

Bagpipers from hell
Surround tiny teen singer
Call Amnesty now!
Gary, I'm a bit tongue-tied on this one. I'll have to try to get in touch with my inner-muse and get back to you!
Hey, thanks for the info! It's such a good cause.

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