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Sunday, January 01, 2006

Hey - did you think ever think you'd get to be this old?

When I was 20, we really did say, "Never trust anyone over 30!" And somehow, that seemed pretty old. I figured they were all sellouts and couldn't imagine being 30 myself.

If you told me then that I'd welcome in the year 2006... as a healthy, middle-class, middle-aged, look-a-bit-like-dad kind of guy...I wouldn't have believed you. Now to be fair, I still rant, still like new music, still love to travel, still have ideals... and I've got more to remember and look back on each year.

I don't make resolutions generally (although I left one at Vee's site) because I saw a quote I liked there...

So for 2006, how about predictions instead? I'm going to make a few and welcome you to do the same. Stick to reality - or knock yourself out and make the wildest, weirdest predictions you can.

What will 2006 bring?
There, now your turn...

I predict that the Republican party will take major losses in the mid-term elections in November. As a result, the Bush administration will either deteriorate into more of a mess than it already is, being pushed into lame duck status, or face impeachment.

I predict that Angelina Jolie will discover that she can do better than Brad Pitt.

I predict that the American media will finally learn that people don't really give a shit about the maritial status of Jessica Simpson.
The St. Louis Blues will make an amazing comeback and win the Stanley Cup this year. And pigs will fly.
Hey, that last one was too easy!

So, I guess I get to predict something now....

Gosh, I'd sure like to see the NDP get a few more seats in parliament, just for a change in the balance. I suppose it doesn't matter much exactly who wins the election, but Harper gives me the willies. Maybe we should just give up and give ourselves to Norway and let them have their wicked way with us. That wasn't exactly a prediction though, was it?

Liz Taylor gets married AGAIN, to a 20 something phrenologist!
I predict that nationalism will lose it's foothold across the board and we will continue to recognize the importance of a global economy.

And madcapmum will make her soaps and cheese available to all of us!
Gary: I just provided a link for you at your post about the "Row over the Danish cartoon" to answer a question you had about those "butt naked Austrian ads", but here are my predictions for '06:

1)The war in Iraq will sink even further into financial and bloodlust chaos... leading our US sharp as a cotton ball leaders to...
2)Launch air strikes against Iran. Why? Well b/c they know that we can't launch grounds attacks w/our threadbare ground forces, so it has to be air strikes only... but jeeze... Bush Co needs to fatten up the wallets of their cronies EVEN MORE-- even when it will lead to catastrophic results.
3)GOPers will take hits in the '06 elections... but then again, when ya have Diebold on your side... ya just CAN'T LOSE... nor will you.
4)Madcapmum will knock all corporate cheese makers and corporate quilt makers off the map-- thereby creating a panic in the corporate cheese making/ corporate quilt making world. Hey, these corporate bloodsuckers are the 1st to claim to love free trade, right? So she should bulldoze them.
5)I will fake a Canadian passport so that I too can get to vacation in Cuba and see the "forbidden" nation of Fidel. The US can say what they want about him, but 1 thing is for sure, Fidel may have snuffed free expressions, but he has given them literacy, health care, free education and an infant mortality rate that is better than the US's. Cuba will eventually be a more free nation. Fidel saved their physical bodies from starving and dying in the streets by the 1000s... a new leader will come along and save their minds and mouths from starving from free thoughts and expressions. Rome wasn't built in a day.
By the way, has anyone noticed that Castro just seems to keep hanging on? He was old when I was a kid. Now I am middle aged and he still looks the same. ... hmmmmn. What's up with that?
Elizabeth - it is rather suspicious - and the military fatigues always seem to fit. I sure hope he's not being played by a CIA actor... to keep up the facade of an enemy at our doorstep!
Tina - I haven't been to Cuba yet myself, but hope to get there before detente - I want to sit in the stands with a beer and a fine Havana cigar and watch some of the best baseball players in the world. I also want to find the yellow 1952 Chevy Belair I remember my dad owning (or one just like it). The days of Walmart and McDonalds may come quickly once the 'wall' comes down.

A doc friend of mine visits regularly and has been really impressed with the health care system. Another friend has examined the organic farming, which is leading the world (because they can't get or afford fertilizers and farm equipment, due to the embargo).
Gary: I don't smoke... but I'll happily stow away in your luggage and learn to like cigar smoke.

Elizabeth: Maybe Fidel has been using the Eva Peron beauty method... ya know... lotions that contain embalming fluid to retain that youthful appearance b/c I agree, he looks like he is holding up better than Dick Clark.
Tina, Cuban cigars aren't really tobacco, they're more like an herbal remedy for the soul. (Don't tell Zoey, my 15 year old, I said that - she already can tell from 100 metres if I've touched a cigar...)
Gary--I never thought about the CIA actor. What a scary thought. I wouldn't put it past them. Tina may be right about the Eva Peron lotion, though.

It's interesting that you brought up Cuba's health care system. Wasn't it developed by Che Guevera whom Castro later had assassinated? He was a doctor before he became a revolutionary. I think Castro was afraid Che would become more popular than he was.
Yeah, Che was a doc. He was killed in Bolivia when fingered by the CIA (that's the story I'm aware of). Didn't know it might have been Fidel who killed him?
I guess there are a lot of theories about it. I had only heard the Castro one, but I have no doubt the CIA could have been involved. Will have to do some more research to find out about it. Maybe Che is the one responsible for Castro surviving to the ripe old age of 150? :-)

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