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Wednesday, December 21, 2005

U.S. Senate blocks drilling in Alaskan wildlife refuge

No drilling in the Alaskan wildlife refuge (story).

I know there are 14 women in the US Senate, but still feel comfortable saying that this august body has been showing some balls lately... This is another failure (for now) of the Bush regime to get what it wants through sneakiness and intimidation.

Canada has been opposed to drilling in the Alaskan wildlife refuge (which borders Canada and sustains a common eco-system).

Provisions against torture, no drilling in sensitive and precious environment, no spying on your own people illegally - go Senate go! (But don't think this will protect you in the mid-term elections next year, when many of you should be sent packing for your record on security and war.)

Gary: I have to wonder: Has Sen Ted Stevens of Alaska picked out his coffin and funeral attire? He has huffed and puffed for months now that they would have to scrape him off of the hallowed govt floors if this vote did not go thru... looks to me like the 'ole boy is still alive and kicking. Personally, I like to throw him into a field of moose and see how his ass survives. Wanting to destroy all of that natural beauty and wildlife just to reduce gas prices by 1 single penny in 20 yrs time!... shameful!
I like women with balls. Never met any Alaskan' though..
oh, there must be a feminine equivalent of 'balls', surely...

(Gary, do help yourself to the photo.)
The feminine equivalent of "balls" is U. S. Senator Barbara Boxer of California, our Junior Senator. May she live a thousand years. Diane Feinstein, Senior Senator is not too bad either; just a little unpredictable and a little more conservative.

Diane led the Alaska drilling battle.

Let's hear it for California please.

We have two Republican women from Maine who march to their own drummer as well. It seems as if many of the women have a better idea of why they're there than the men. I knot that's generalizing but I've been watching the Senate (and House) for a while.

Maybe some of the blizzard of letters I've written paid off.
Figuratively speaking, of course, some women have had some of the biggest balls I've ever "seen."

But, yeah, GO SENATE!
I say GO SENATE, too. Can't wait for the mid terms. Can we say the word impeach?
This is a test:


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