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Tuesday, January 03, 2006

I love a good sign

...and this is a good one. I'm too tired to think much about a thoughtful post. Off to Prince George for work tomorrow (a city in Northern BC).

Ha Ha Ha
I hope alert readers noticed the tag –it could only happen in Australia, since we take safety seriously down under. Todds a hard hatted safety supervisor, as he’s guaranteed to rip your bloody arms off if you don’t take safety seriously.

Even in politics safety rates highly. Our previous leader was so concerned over our public hospitals becoming dangerous places to visit, with the spread of germs; he started closing them all down to save money and to make it safer for us all.

There a new team in now, and they prefer signage.
This is sooooo funny. I think someone could almost have a seizure from all the stimulation on the sign. Love it.
(lol) How is anyone supposed to do any work with that sign around? Getting through it is one thing, and then noticing Todd's honesty would just have the crew too busy laughing to do anything else, no? :)
At one time I could rattle off what most of that poster board ment. Did a three year whims course through one of my job. I work for a osb plant for six years.
Safe trip to PG. If driving drive safe.
And play nice with the rest of the kids
Is "huge" underlined? Funny.
Ok - so if the fuck up is big, but not huge Todd's not your man... Lol
too funny...
I don't like this posting Gary, I just can't come up with some funny pithy comment :-(
Fear not, Dimitri. Even were you to post only a smiley, we would see what a dashing figure you are in the photo to the right, and instinctively believe that you were thinking something incredibly witty.
Hey you two! This is a serious site and I sense a little humourous banter taking place. Watch yourselves!
I believe I would have to concur with the smiley as posted by Dimitri above.
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