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Monday, January 02, 2006

We're at war...so I can do whatever I want

Okay, President Bush is really pissed off now that the nation knows he personally approved illegal spying on American citizens (recent story). He's steaming! And why? Because somebody leaked the news. A little irony here, no? "Now listen kids, it's okay that Billy punched Joey in the face and stole his money...but you can't go around telling people he did it. I'm afraid someone needs a spanking now - and it's not Billy."

And why is it okay to go after those exposing the truth, instead of the President and those, breaking the law? Because "We're at war." I wish they would just begin to call it Warism, since it truly is this era's Communism - the bogeyman. In the name of freedom and security - let's remove freedoms, manipulate the media, stifle dissent, go to war without cause... and generally run amok. I sometimes hope there really is a business-cabal behind it all - that way I wouldn't have to consider that it might just be ignorance, arrogance, greed and plain power-hungry stupidity. Not sure which is worse.

Oh, by the way - someone does need a good spanking and it's little Georgie Bush. (It could start with the mid-term elections.)

(lol) Well said Gary. I'm with you on this one. What gives Mr.Bush the right to be angry with whoever leaked the truth!? Is the world we live in that insane? I don't know what it says about the majority of our neighbours who re-elected that man.
Well... Bush certainly wasn't angry that the identity of a CIA agent was leaked in a time of war, now was he?
But when you have to break the laws set forth by the Constitution in order to reach your agenda, who cares about those pesky lil things called facts?
Hi Gary

I think G W Bush was just exercising a litle home grown religiousity. God helps those who help themselves and .....see later

So despite getting an initial knockback from Congress for additional powers he went ahead anyway.
He was just doing his duty to protect his American public from terror.

But you havn't mentioned the fact there's been probably lots of other interesting info these guys might pick up along the way !! stay tuned for the international hookups.

Since there was never any authorisations, how do we know what thses guys were up to !!

But someone must have forgoton to mention the rest of the phrase.....and God help those who get caught helping themselves !!

But I'm not nearly a sanguine about the American public initiating a "public spanking" in mid term elections as you!!

The last opinion poll I saw still had only 52% against with the other 48% firmly believing your justified in breaking the law in these 'special circumstances' that have prevailed since Sep 11 when the US launched it war on terror. All of these actions indicate a country that's willing to "go it alone" and thumb its nose at its own laws, international laws and any other obstacle that gets in the way of the phony "war against Terror"

It seems to me there still a large swathe of sympathetic populace simmering away at just under 50% for this type of thinking !!! How long can that continue and when are we going to see the tide turning. I think the tide has just begun to turn,but its a long way from a torrent.
I am amazed at what this man is capable of... an in the name of a country who's not backing him. Amazing... Did see a story on 60 minutes on the prisoners flown to another country to be questioned. He really thinks he's allmighty doesn't he??

oh - sorry almost forgot: HAPPY NEW YEAR!!
And thank you so much for the card you sent me. It was beautiful! you have a talented daughter! and thank you so much both for the nomination and vote for "Best Spiritual Blogsite excellence award"!
I am truly honored!
Gary, it's so frustrating, words can't express it! And frightening. I agree with Tina; where was the outrage over the Valerie Plame case?

I do think the power of this administration to manipulate Americans through fear is waning. More and more of us are coming to fear THEM the most. Everybody wake up, now!
Great blog, Gary. I, for one, can't wait to see Georgie get his spanking. I have been against this administration from day one, and it grows worse every day. I think that 50% comes from the Christian right who would follow anyone who sings their tune, even if it takes them straight into hell, which is bascially what has happened here. They're a stubborn bunch.
The odd thing is that he knew the New York Times was sitting on the story for a year, and was not concerned in the slightest. And now that they've published the article, he's rather indignant and calling for an investigation.
Quite the delayed reaction, wouldn't you say?
And I agree; polls show that roughly 30% of all Americans will believe any old stupid thing.
I'm afraid many Americans don't see through another balot scam Gary. I wonder about the merit of polls..

Perhaps we could have the UN verify next USA voting process?
GWB thinks he has the UN under his thumb. That would have a certain poetic justice, though, Dimitri. He could have the same experience other people running for office are having in the parts of the world he has inflicted himself upon
Maybe both? Bushy Baby is power hungry. He's giving America away to Big Business. And fie on the lousy citizens who are full of character flaws because THEY aren't rich, and therefore unworthy.
Remember the Golden Rule?
Whoever has the gold, rules. That's Tsar Bush's motto.
Wow - here we all are. Julian, Dmitri, Worried, and me. I'll check out the others.

2006 is coming up fast. It could be turnaround time if we can counteract the apathy.
Oh, and Elizabeth too. We may have the beginnings of a small network.
A small POWERFUL network Granny! (And international too...)

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