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Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Can a neo-con change his spots? I think not...

We're in the final days of a federal election campaign here in Canada. The Liberals have ruled for a long time and have engaged in scandals and stupid behaviour to the point that many Canadians just want a change. (They have also generated years of surplus budgets, a growing economy and Canada is generally ranked one of the top 3 countries in the world - on any scale).

Okay, the Conservatives and leader Stephen Harper have scared the shite out of most Canadians for years - they smell too much like US conservatives and have often acted out little demonstrations of bigotry, homophobia, free marketeering and alignment with US foreign policy (we'd be in Iraq, we'd be partners in Star Wars.)

So now Harper seems okay? He appears to be headed for at least a minority government. Read this article if you want an answer to the question in the heading. (There's a funny drawing too.)

Damn those Liberals for rolling in the mud! Damn the Conservatives for such good acting! Damn the Canadian voter if he/she eats it up and applauds!

I'm voting NDP myself... and I think our guy, Alex, will win (Kootenay/Boundary riding).

My sister plans to vote for the Green Party. Such a sad state of Canadian politics. When the gov't was dissolved, I got a few teaser calls from my pals in the US going "you don't have a government." And I mocked back "even that's better than what you've got" hehehe Anyway, I just don't trust Stephen Harper. No matter how spiffy his new haircut is :) Thanks for sharing the informative article, Gary.
Same on Harper for me, something's extremely worrisome about that man... though why he worries me more than Martin I can't quite figure.

I'm voting either NDP or Green, don't really care who the candidate is because he hasn't got an auk's chance in a doghouse of getting in here in the little Ukraine. But I'll vote anyway. Sigh.
Even with bad choices you guys are still doing better than we are. We would soooo love to have Canada's bad candidates down here. I say go for the growing economy and forget the Conservatives. Of course, you guys have more than two parties.
Yes, please send us your bad candidates, if you have any to spare. We need them desparately so....

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