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Sunday, January 08, 2006

Okay, I'm on a sign roll...

It would be fun to run the sign text, no?
(Click on the photo if you can't read the printing...)

(lol) I can't believe the sign actually said that!! That's hilarious, not for the guy who got creamed... I must visit BC. Good thing you had your camera handy! hehehe
Is that real or is somebody at work in Photoshop here?
This is too funny. I nearly hit a pedestrian on a cell last night. He wasn't paying attention & walked right out in front of me.
Julianb - you might be right! I didn't take the photo myself. Looks real... but so did all the Orcs chasing Frodo.

Guess we'll just chalk it up to - is it funny?
It's definitely funny.
"cream them"!
I had several instances where people driving with their cell's on were totaly out of control, a danger to themselves and a danger to others...
It's funny, real or not.

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