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Thursday, January 12, 2006

This Tagging Thing

I've seen the tagging thing on blogs, but never understood it till now. My friend over at Pica completed these questions... then tells me I have to do the same now. She's a very powerful archeologist, so I must do it...

Seven things to do before I die
Return to India for a long visit
Write and publish a book
Try every Scotch whisky once (at least)
Visit all my childhood homes (4 down, 8 to go)
Travel to Europe with my daughter
Meet Nelson Mandala
Meet the Dalai Lama

Seven things I can’t do:
Play the trombone for anyone but me (and that's not easy)
Be interested in any sport but casual walking
Skate like a Canadian
Grow hair on top
Be tolerant of intolerant people
Cook anything much
Juggle more than one ball (literally)

Seven things that attract me to blogging
Developing a virtual community
Expressing myself
Avoiding work or other responsibilities
Learning to take photos (to post)
Venting, ranting and griping
Being part of a movement
Linking to others around the world

Seven things I say most often:
What the f***?
Would you guys please be quiet, I'm on a business call!
What time will you be home?
But I'm right
I don't care, I still think I'm right

Seven books that I love, in no particular order
(note: this would change regularly...)
A Prayer for Owen Meaney - John Irving
Ghost Road - Pat Barker
Due Preparations for the Plague - Jeanette Hospital Turner
River Out of Eden - Richard Dawkins
Atonement - Ian McEwan
The Wars - Timothy Findley
All The Pretty Horses - Cormac MacCarthy

Seven movies I watch again and again
The Wizard of Oz
Swiss Family Robinson
The Big Lebowski
My Dinner with Andre
American Beauty
Farewell to Arms (1950s version)

Now you must do it - or as we say in Canada, "Sorry, but would you mind doing this if you have time and you don't mind... sorry." Vee, Madcapmum and DA

Owen Meaney is one of my FAVORITE books EVER, and John Irving is one of my favorite authors.
Hi Gary

So it time to tell the story about 100 things about yourself to ease out those winter blues.If your going to start a craze, what about about rules for those under your care.

A reason must always to be given . Eg .

I am likely to be always at least 5-10 minutes late for an appointment as I think it shows strength of character !(I know you always like to keep patients waiting as it shows your in high demand.)

You like to read the same book over and over again as it confirms your wonderful sense of humour is still there !!.

I like the same book too, because its reassuring to know at least 1 good mind also has a good sense of humour.

I don’t like committing things on paper as once it written down its subject to misinterpretation. (That’s right I know because its vital evidence or any corrupt CEO )

Best wishes
Thanks Gary for tagging me *ooh to be in demand* (lol). I'll try to follow suit pretty soon.
Interesting lists, Gary. I love John Irving, and I always find myself saying what the f*ck
Interesting list Gary, I would love to hear more on the Indian wish..

I'm honoured to be tagged. 'Will make my list this afternoon after the first 18 holes of the year. Gives me time to think about it :-)
oooh! I have done one of the things on your "things to do before I die" - list! wohoo! I only wish it was the "Try every scotch Whisky once"... *lol* I'm getting there, slowly but I'm getting there. Write and publish a book is also on my to do list - actually I have sort of started one.
I case you didn't know - the one I have done is I have met The Dalai Lama. But I think you knew that..
scotch?! urgh.

i think that would be the most difficult list to come up with - i have no ambition, it has been said.
what would you say to the dalai lama? maybe, I'd choose someone more contraversial, say Mugabe then i could ask hey, Bob, what's it all been for, eh dude? Maybe that should be *on* my dying day.

come on, I don't believe anyone says 'dude' outside of tv and films. ;o)

interesting film and book choices - I will investigate those...
Okay - I think you're right Ian - maybe meeting Mugabe or Bush would be more fun ! A chance to say "Hey dude - what the f***?"

I do say dude a lot and it all comes from watching the Big Lebowski again and again - there's a movie to check out for a guy who says he has no ambition!
Dude, or Dudarino if you're not into that whole brevity thing...

"But I'm right...!" Love it!
Irving! yes! loved Owen Meany....and widow for one year and just got his new one for christmas...!

and I'm ashamed to say I too cannot skate like a Canadian - however I do watch hockey like one....

more into the Irish Whiskeys, having been through several Scotch ones, although I'm quite fond of Sheep Dip...

neat idea - makes you think for sure...
Good lists Gary! I esp. love your line "I don't care, I still think I'm right". I try using that every now and then. (lol) Where all have you been in India? When you meet Nelson Mandela, would you please let me know... I'd love to meet him too. :)
If I get to meet Nelson Mandala, I'll let you know for sure. My brother moves to S. Africa next week for a year, so maybe he can find me an invite...

Many years ago I went to India for a couple of months - New Delhi and north to the Hardwar and Rishikesh areas. I spent most of my time in an ashram meditating, but managed to see a few things... and swim in the Ganges everyday!

India still fascinates me - I like to start in the south and work north next visit - as a tourist, not a Canadian sadhu...
(LOL) I was just going to say Gary you're a sadhu! My dad used to talk of settling down in Rishikesh (him alone ofcourse). I'm from the South, so let me know when you're heading that way and I can tell you good tourist destinations and what not to miss in South India.

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