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Saturday, January 14, 2006

Angela Speaks - George rebuffs (on Guantanamo)

Refer to earlier post this month: Okay - Angela Merkel did bring up and criticize the Guantanamo detention centre when she met with George (story) . Some of us thought she'd only do it with the media before actually being in Shrub's presence ... just for show. But no, she complained to the face. Well, 'it can't go on indefinitely' is a kind of complaint.

Maybe it's still mostly for show, but on this issue at least, Angela has shown some (metaphorical) balls.

Unfortunately they now seem to be friends ...guess we'd better stop electing Right Wing Freaks (by European and Canadian standards which are pretty left in the US).

Oh shite! Seems we might elect Angela Tony Stephen Harper here in Canada. What's wrong with us?

AT LEAST she spoke up. Sort of. It's better than just sucking up. (I thought SHE was the one who wasn't going to bring it up face-to-face...? Anyway, I'm glad she did. Go, Ang. Go...farther!)
Woo hoo! I was part of the original "will she, won't she, should she" debate and I'm happy to see that she did in fact stand up to Mr. Bush. Good for her! Seems she doesn't need me as her PR Counsel after all... ;)
I was actually thinking of posting something similar on my own blog, but then decided not to do so. Have to keep a balance of sorts - hehe:)
Anyhow, it is interesting to note where Bush and Merkel disagree - and where there are in unison.
Guantanamo was the bland appetizer Merkel presented to Bush, but after having gulped that down, both went to the main dish of the feast, namely Iran. Suddenly it was "all gravy" - as they say down under. About Iran both Merkel and Bush unite. Under no circumstances should those barbarians in Iran learn how to make enriched uranium, no way! That privilege is only for those who already posses such technology.
We're in sooo much trouble.
Good for her! He needs to be careful with her. It looks like she could beat him up.
Bush with his vision of "democratizing" the Muslim world (read that: getting control of their oil) and his established method for inventing "pre-emptive strikes", the meetings re: nuking as a part of that, and his alarmist yakking about Iran scares the bejabbers out of me. Such sabre rattling is apt to encourage the radicals to pull a little nuke on us. May God preserve the world from another Hiroshima-Nagasaki bombing - only modern weapons make the atomic bomb look like a firecracker.
Gary, migrating to Canada is beginning to look better and better. Would you seriously hlp us?? I have a tent big nough for me and Granny, and aluminum cots, all the comforts of home. As far as a Californian and a Gulf Coast Texan freezing their old bones, well I've heard that snow makes great insulation. Seems to work for Eskimos.
Thanks for another laugh! Re: your comment on our blog. lol
Maybe Canada can open the Northwest Territories as a refugee camp for worried Americans. The worried Americans can bring their own tents.
Well, I would like to see the Northern Lights. Sounds a bit cold in the winter for a tent, though.
Hmm, I was thinking on posting the same too. Well, it's yhe good news that counts. I heard that mrs. Shrub votes for a female president now (Condy)..

A haiku for a friend:

Digital Gary,
Profound thoughts on world wide news..
With speed that is scary..
No no no TYPOOOO..

With speed that's scary..
DARN ^%$%^&(*(*^&
AMATEUR &^%##$$%&%(*&^*)(^%T#$^&
Imma goin a bed now $#%^@#$%gv
Dimitri - get a grip! It's a lovely haiku and I'm honoured.

As for US refugees and tents - I think you could probably just immigrate and do what you do there - here! (Your dough is worth about 20% more too.)

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