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Sunday, January 15, 2006

Stewie Griffin and Osama in one clip - it's all too much

I'll assume none of you are Osama fans and that some of you just might be Family Guy fans. Whatever... here is a funny video clip that I found courtesy of DA - who is pretty funny himself at times. (He's also very sensitive.) I think he found it courtesy of Julian Blue, who is funny, witty and very intelligent too... Someone, somewhere put this in the blogworld first. It likely was not a White House leak.

Click away here for the link.

And I got it from Elizabeth who got it from Creature at State of the Day. :D
It's been corrupted aleady......I half heard it from your blog,and zero on others and it was breaking up, sounded funny from what I could make out . ........... -------xxxx.

best wishes
I have never watched Family Guy! That was great!

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