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Saturday, January 21, 2006

Voting away the future... Jeez!

It looks like we're about to elect a right-leaning government in Canada on Monday. I'm puzzling away as to how we got to this, but think I'll just spend the weekend with some nice whisky, a stack of good movies (The Big Lebowski & The Worst Day of My Life come to mind), then I'll vote Monday for our NDP (left-leaning) candidate.

Auntie Willow, an American blogging buddy with a sharp librarian's ruler for those who misbehave, expressed the dilemma very well in this post... I wonder if it's too late to put her on national television?

Gary, sorry you're bummed. But it can't be worse than, you know, US! There's a difference between right-leaning and right-lying-on-your-side-in-the-gutter.
As Julianb said, it could be worse! Just look at me, several hundred miles south of you!

But it is distressing, considering the new(ish) leftward and even Socialist governments being elected in Europe.
Jeeze Gary... I'm so unbelievably sorry to see that the conservative freaks have sucked in the oh-so-sensible Canadians. Dear God... you don't vote on Diebold machines, do you?

But honestly Gary... doesn't something NOT pass the whiff test about this? Like perhaps since Ralph Reed (the former Christian Coalition president, Jack Abramoff's buddy in screwing over the Native American tribes, and currently running for office in the state of Georgia) has been setting up office across your provinces for 5 yrs now... explicitly saying that he and his fellow Christian conservatives were looking to take over Canadian politics seem a bit scary? God knows Reed and his gang of thugs could raise more than enough money to buy people and voting machines off in Canada.

I thought that the Canadians were fed up with the scandals but-- like England was this past May-- too damn frightened to elect the conservatives b/c they all remembered what Thatcher's insane rule did to the UK and are horrified to think of a Bush-like rule.

Think about it... and I hope you guys have verifiable paper trails... unlike we do here in the US. They could be already declaring the conservatives as the winners b/c they don't want anyone to question it when the votes are stolen. Just wondering if you think it could be possible?

Or maybe I am so frickin jaded by what has happened in the US for 2 elections that I can't believe ANYTHING good and honest can come about when conservatives are involved.

I pray your election is fraud free... but I am praying even harder that the conservatives don't win it.
I second everyone else's comments. Simply put, conservatives suck.
Yeah, I remember that ol' sick feeling from our last two (rigged) Presidential elections...
Wishing you the best, otherwise, my condolences...
Hopefully the NDP will squeak by. It can't be worse than here, though. Just keep thinking about that. 1093 days until the next President is inagurated here. We may actually have a president then & not a dictator.

As for Ralph Reed--revoke his passport NOW. That little bugger should be Saddam Hussein's cell mate.
I, too, try to pay with Canadian currency whenever possible. Usually change, haven't worked my way up to dollars.
Sorry to say, but I really don't understand the negative connotations for the NDP. Maybe I'm not supposed to.
Should Stephen (Scary Bastard) Harper have his way, Siberia might begin to resemble a more friendly locale.
Any predictions on how long it will take for a no-confidence vote for a minority conservative gov?
*sigh* I did my little bit to make sure Conservatives didn't get elected, but this is really disheartening. Good post by Auntie Willow.
at least you still have a clear choice, unlike we seem to have: new labour right or tory right! if our liberals could lay off the booze and stop paying for sex long enough to gain popular cred., we might stand a chance.

not that i know much about these things.
Yes, you're an election or two away from sane choices, aren't you? Don't give up though - pendulums are known to swing!

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