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Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Latte Lectures Offers Canada a Shoulder... and Advice

Auntie Willow, over at Latte Lectures, offers well-written, suitably tongue-in-cheek condolences to Canada, after our election this week. Watch out for her librarian's ruler when you're over there!

Latte Lectures was excellent. And I think most Americans... who are painfully ignorant of their own govt... have absolutely NO CLUE how a parliamentary system works.

If they had any clue, we would not hear these GOP freaks hailing the Canadian election as concrete proof that conservatism is sweeping across the world b/c it is superior and b/c Canadians have embraced Bush's creedo.

It seems that you in Canada have punished the corrupt Liberals by electing a minority conservative govt but b/c you do not trust the conservatives, you only allowed them to have a minority, forcing them to play well with others.

Duh... Harper has to compromise... something conservatives WILL NOT do here in the US, CANNOT do here in the US and REFUSE to do here in the US. Gay marriage in Canada isn't going anywhere and I certainly don't think that Harper is going to suddenly shore up the Canadian military and ship them off to Iraq. I trust that Canadians would revolt if that were to happen.
Good political analysis Tina! And as usual, nice and direct...
thanks for letting me know about auntie Willow. With that post I've nominated her for the best political post for january...
OK, Gary. Good show.
Harper has rebuffed the US embassy guy by saying: "Whom do I owe to be responsible to, an embassy or the Canadian people." (That was about the northern territory...)
Interesting start!
Just popping in to say hi.
I thought I'd say hello, now that I'm suitably unpacked from my business trip last week. I even put the suitcase away! And the clothes in the hamper! But I still overpacked...

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