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Saturday, February 04, 2006

Hola and Adios!

Our place is one of the thatched units in this photo - sorry to have to show you that.

I'm on my way to Mexico tomorrow. Just a bit over a week on the beach in Melaque and La Manzanilla - both small, not much developed places just north of Manzanillo. I'm traveling with a buddy and my brother Monty. When they get back from mountain biking, kayaking, sailing or whatever... they can wake me in the hammock and I'll slice the limes for the cervaza. I love Mexican food, Mexican people, hot sun, sandy long beaches, hammocks... I even love the little lizards sunning and darting.

I'll probably look at the internet now and then, but not sure about posting. Photos when I return.

A dilemma: I have several books packed, but for the last spot in the case I can't decide between John Irving's Until I Find You or Tim Winton's The Turning (he's an amazing Aussie author). Any advice?

Gary, I haven't read Irving's latest yet, but I did see him talking about it. Sounded interesting. You can always count on Irving to include some humor with his tragedy and find a way to reaffirm the value of life in the end. Don't know about Winston, sorry.

We'll forgive you by the time you get back. Unless you brag a lot, of course! Then, all bets will be off.

Take care and have a good time. Soak up some blogging inspiration.
Buon viaggio!

As you know, we were just north of Manzanillo at Xmas. It was gorgeous! Have a relaxing time & drink a chelada for me!
Ahh, while you will have your Mexican retreat - I will have mine (teaching). Anyhow, enjoy your stay (I'm jealous) and come back happy and relaxed.
My pick would not be Irving, simply so I can learn about Winston - but that's just me...
I haven't read Winston, either, Gary, but Irving has that way of sucking you in so that you don't want to put his books down. I could read The Cider House Rules and The World According to Garp about a million times. Have a great trip. We'll sure miss you.
Thanks all - and thanks for the photos of this area of Mexico posted on your site Pica.
I'm always up for a new John Irving; on the other hand, I might choose someone I didn't know so well.

Most importantly, have a great time. We'll try to keep the world on its axis until you return.
Irving Gary..Irving (I bought it too but didn't read it yet)

Happy holidays!

Saludos de Amsterdam amigo!
Hi Gary

Have great holiday and with the only concern as to which book to read …..Sounds like you are in wonderful relaxed state. Forget the woes of the worlds for the time
being and refresh and relax, as I’m sure you will do walking, eating good food, enjoying good company, keeping your spirits up (drinking in moderation)., reading, thinking, meditating ………not necessarily in that order !!.

Best wishes
I sincerely hope that you enjoy your time away.
Take my advice and overstuff your bag - take both of the books!
Have fun-fun-fun! I'm not an Irving fan, sorry, so I'm going to vote for Winston by default.
have a good time, Gary - and don't forget to take photos! :o)
Have a great time! Ah, the warm air, the local beer, real Mexican food....lovely!
That looks so nice. I haven't been to Mexico in years!

Have a great time and looking forward to those photos!

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