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Tuesday, February 28, 2006

On the road again...

I'm away from home about 20 of the next 30 or so days. It's a combination of earn-a-living trips (in Northern BC to places like Prince George, Smithers, Burns Lake and Terrace) and Amnesty meetings in Ottawa.

Anyhow, my mind is very busy as well as my body and sometimes it's hard to do more than a little browsing in blogworld. Some random thoughts:

- I'm aware that politics in the US are heating up as George II's ratings drop into the 30% range. My hopes are that the Democrats will show some spine, send some clear messages and the winds of change will blow.

- I'm concerned about the Canadian troops in Afghanistan (now in harm's way in Khandahar). I think that an international force in that country is needed and might make a difference, but the commitment is so small and the funds are so meager (compared to the wasteful war in Iraq).

- I'm aware that my son Ryan is graduating from high school soon - he's planning to play music, write, travel and work a while rather than more school. He's interested in visiting India. I'm happy to see him turning into an independent young man, but already miss him.

- Amnesty is busy with so many human rights issues... One that I am keen on is fighting to maintain rights in the face of security fears - Guantanamo Bay, wink-wink torture, spying on citizens and here in Canada, the security certificate (arrest without charge with no time limit).

Hey, was that an open thread or whatever?

Two pictures here - one more from my trip this month to Mexico (early morning street in Melaque) and a great photo - pro breast-feeding I'd say!

I'd love to travel more, but am glad I don't have to travel a lot with my job. I'd like to choose when and where!

Did Ryan manage to write that poem into a song?
Hey Nerdine! I like to travel too, but kind of miss home and hearth this winter ... and not all trips are to places I'd choose. Ryan did put the poem to song - he also presented us with a bound book of 50 of his poems - very good too (I think).
I hope that your travels are safe and happy!
As for your son, I know that since you raised him right (as they say here in the southern US, "He's from Good People") that his journey will be happy, and shared with you!
Bon Voyage!
Auntie Willow
I've been bitching about Guantanamo, but I'm just a registered voter and a Citizen. If you happen to know a multinational corporation that is uneasy about it, maybe they can talk to King George!
OK, so I'll touch on them all in passing...
1). Sometimes I wonder if the Democrats are a single political party.
2). I watched a TV interview with some British troops in Afghanistan. They were very well-pleased to be able to make a difference. Those people need a lot of help right now.
3). You will miss him, and sometimes very badly. But when he returns to you, he will be different, like a cider gone hard. And you will be able to come to a new appreciation of him. I hope that gives you something to look forward to in that.
4). I have never understood how the fear of a possibility (terror attack) could be greater than the fear of a certainty (loss of rights). It's like outlawing barbecue grills because a bird might poop.
Happy trails!

1) Single political party? Getting us together is like herding a convention of cats. We never learn.

Gary - safe trip. I know you'll have a lot to share.
I'm not a parent, but I think it can be harder and more terrifying to watch your child going his own way than it was to bring him into the world.

Bon Voyage(s)!
I love traveling but I suppose travel for work purposes is much different.

I don't have kids, but hate it when anyone in my family leaves, even if it's for good things. I'm selfish that way. I like for all my family to be dependent on me. It's sick, isn't it?
Hi Gary

Armed with your digital camera I expect to see a few photos, as I understand you’re travelling in the most scenic areas of your beautiful province.

Maybe a few pictures of totem poles or am I on a different imaginary route!!

I despair US interests can never be representative of its good people whilst its current electioneering system prevails, when $500 million is needed for a presidential candidate and $100 million for Senators, a kitty in campaign funds.
You get what you pay for, an inherently corrupt system!!
The present administration seems to favour Contractors wherever it can, so I presume
facilities at Guatanamo Bay rely on Contractors. Has Amnesty considered class actions against the Contractors, with human rights lawyer advocates? for violation of human rights? on behalf of the victims?
I'm here on a mission today... My mom has sent me to deliver BIG smiles (if you wonder what it's all about take a look at my mom's blog)..

The breast-feeding pics are so hilarious!!!
ps-- I know that fermentation analogy is getting a bit over-worked these days, but the only other one I could come up with on short notice was, "He is like a coffee bean, fresh-plucked from the bush; and he will return to you roasted, that you may grind him..."
So I said, "Nah, let's give that fermentation analogy one more shot..."
Gary, friend. Have a safe trip and wonderful experiences. As Lindsay said, 'love to see some pics..
that's a great picture of the woman sweeping the street, Gary. nice light, good shadows.

the kid's funny - one in a million!
Thanks Ian - compliment from you is taken seriously!

Lindsay, the area I'm in in Northern BC is indeed First Nations territory. There are a number of spots where if I have time I can visit village sites with totem poles. Also interesting is that more than 25% of the people living in many areas are aboriginal - there's a lot of suffering and inequity still, but signs of real strength also in some nations.

I'll do my best to get some photos.

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