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Monday, February 27, 2006

Blogger Buddy Publishes Blockbuster Book

Auntie Willow , blogging buddy, has published a book entitled 'Put Word on Your Resume - Quick!' This is a pitch for you to check it out via her site and if you or someone else wants to purchase a book that will take you from neophyte to whiz on WORD (or anything in between), go at it...

since when the heck are you into advertisement Gary ...
Hey it's for a blogging friend - Zee, I'd do the same for you. In fact, those shelving units you made should be blogged througout the world :)
No worries Gary, all's cool!
Gary, you make me blush, again!
I wish you well on your travels!
Zee, if you have shelving units, as a Librarian I can only tell you that I'm always in need of a couple of hundred or so shelves!

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