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Sunday, February 19, 2006

Poetic Justice

This poem appeared in the Saturday Globe and Mail newspaper. Written by regular, John Allemang. I love it.

Mass Distraction

What if he planned it all this way?
The gun fired on that fateful day,
The loyal friend felled by his shot,
The press corps chasing something hot -
A nation's search for easy laughs
Rewarded by Dick Cheney's gaffes.
What if it were a clever ruse
To save himself from much worse news?
While men rot in Guantanamo
Ignored by every late night show,
And Halliburton makes a buck
Exploiting war's well-placed good luck,
And Scooter Libby pins the blame
On higher-ups without a name,
And anger at Katrina's rage
Looks like it might take center stage,
Dick Cheney with his well-timed blast
Ensures his laugh will be the last.

A quail turns out to be a man?
There goes our short attention span,
And one of war's most vicious hawks
New gets to share his pain on Fox.

Wow, that's really well written and well thought out. Ooh the various conspiracy theories!
very good ......even the heading! clever
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So sad but so true: The tin foil hats have to be worn with this cabal of crooks b/c the conspiracy theories are the only way we ever get close to the truth.
The title was the best part.
It's probably truer than we know.
"Poetic Justice (Don't burn the flag. Wash it!)" has a new poem posted that may interest you... Persecution's Lament...
Kind regards,


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