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Saturday, February 18, 2006

Looking for good signs...

I'm always on the lookout for a good sign (in both senses of the phrase). Pass 'em along if you find them. (This one is for all you pet lovers out there, which always includes Vee, although I'm sure her dog is never sarcastic.)

eeeeeee Gary! I love this sign! Where did you find it? My dog isn't sarcastic at all, she's a baby! A brat even...lol! Thanks for thinking of me when you see dog related things. :)
while you talk about dogs, I talk about birds (and flues). Check it out if you have the time Gary, I was in a philosophical mood, not too bitter, not to sweet.
But yes, I love signs as well. If I come across some good ones, I will definitely pass them along.
HA! That's exactly the kind of dog we're looking for!
classic! :D

a dog whose bark is literally worse than his bite?
Good one Ian!

Sarcastic dog remarks:

"Going to work are you? Too bad you can't just sit here with me all day."

"You're so dumb, you couldn't sniff a new bum from 10 feet away."

"Do you think I'm wagging my tail to create a breeze, of course I want a pat!"

"You call that food?"
"You think you're doing me a favour by taking me out for a walk, You're the one who needs it!"
''So, a mailman in Armani? ...like I'm gonna respect style.''
okay, time to go here to see Zee's contributions to signs - don't miss them!
Dog sarcasm

"You think you're doing me a favor by letting me stay on the bed? It is I who am doing you a favor by letting you sleep here."

My dog act out his particular form of sarcasm. He won't go out to use the bathroom in bad weather unless I get into the weather, too. He has figured out all my tricks for staying dry, and he won't fall victim to ANY of them.

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