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Sunday, March 05, 2006

Justice and accountability for Canadians detained abroad

Canadians have been detained without charge in Syria and Egypt ... and tortured while there. The lack of a Canadian official investigation into the circumstances of all but one of these (Maher Arar) needs to end.

Canada must hold a public and independent review to determine whether Canadian officials in any way tolerated these arrests and imprisonments, leading to ill-treatment. The government so far has flatly refused to do this.

Here's a link to a letter to Prime Minister Harper that you can sign online - I think those of you outside Canada should feel free to do so too.

I've met one of these gentlemen (held and tortured in Syria). The devastation to he and his family are hard to imagine... and now the silence of his own government. Time for some candles to be lit under the PM's toes (metaphorically only of course).

I'm not too sure how much weight a signature from the USA will have but I signed it.

I wonder who these democratic governments think they represent?

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