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Friday, March 17, 2006

If this is Friday, I must be in Smithers...

I'm on the road again, in Smithers, BC today. Spectacular moutains, interesting old downtown and quirky people. It's still winter though.
Two things of importance:

1. The UN Resolution that passed this week, to create a new Human Rights Council, is huge. While by no means perfect, it sets the stage for a much more effective UN role and really is a milestone. The only countries voting against it were Israel, the US, Palau and the Marshall Islands.

2. Okay, this isn't important, but it's funny (and I need to get the women on this blog to stop posting on Viggo all day long...Jeez!)

The President's Puzzle...
Dick Cheney walks into the Oval Office and sees the President whooping and hollering. "What's the matter, Mr. President?" the Vice President inquires.
"Nothing at all, buddy. I just done finished a jigsaw puzzle in record time!" the President beams.
"How long did it take you?"
"Well, the box said: 3 to 5 Years, but I did it in a month!"

sad but possibly true.

Thanks for stopping in at the Morning Martini. Loved the evening haiku! :)
oops, forgot to ask. What kind of consulting do you do? Mr. Pop is an environmental consultant.
Funny joke! Have heard it before. :) Trust Mr.Bush to actually say that.

I'm very glad to hear about the new Human Rights Council. Much needed.
PO'd Patricia - I do consulting for non-government and health organizations (and once for Molson Brewery - that was fun!)

Thanks for dropping by.
Off Course, The Marshall Islands????
VIGGO!!! Did you say Viggo? Oh, I love when we talk about Viggo! I'll start.... What is your favorite Aragorn scene in the LotR movies?
Checking the puzzle, "The picture is wrong. Hey! It looks like you forced the pieces in with a hammer!"
Seriously though, the Marshal Islands. Hmmm.
Let's see, visited by American Whalers in the 1800's. Protectorate of Germany until 1914, when the Japanese took over. Liberated by the US in 44 and 45. Part of the UN Trust Territory of the Pacific Islands (administered by the US), along with someplace called Palau (why is that name familiar?). Self-Governing in 1979, independent in "Free Association" with the US. 3.1 Billion in US aid, and we get to target one of their Atolls with Missle Tests from California until 2066.
Certainly as independent as Belorus was during the Cold War.
I'd have to check, but I believe they are also memebers of the "Coalition of the Willing", dedicated to freeing their (far distant and non co-religious) cousins in Iraq.
Thanks Marshalls!
Ah, the US is once again in the forefront of backwards thinking....
Yay, UN!!
That Marshall Islands thing somehow reminds me of a cartoon I saw once of a chef with brass knuckles making "battered chicken." They really don't have that many humans to abuse the rights of, so they must really be hardcore into it.

I liked your joke.
Yay, Gary!!

And the photo, as always.
Yay, Smithers!!
It would have been funnier if it were Viggo instead of Dick.
Speaking of Viggo - the film History of Violence by Cronenberg was pretty amazing - it left me thinking about violence in more ways that I can describe. Viggo is, of course, as stunning as you women seem to think he is.

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