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Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Mint tea with the Buddha perhaps?

I hope this is going to be interesting and fun. If you're up for a challenge, please answer these questions in Comments (post anonymously if you don't have a blog account):

1. If you could invite any human being (living or dead) to join you for a private dinner - who would you invite, what would you serve/order to eat... and why?

2. Now answer the same question, but this time be a little silly - this dinner is for fun (if you named Mother Teresa or Mahatma Gandhi above, now you can invite Angelina Jolie or Johnny Depp for dinner... just examples, I'm not making assumptions about what fun is for you!).

1) My maternal grandfather. I'd cook South Indian food.

2) Leonardo Di Caprio.
1) Pete Seeger and something meatless just in case - big salad?

2) Alice and we'd have a junk food binge and then diet for a month.
1. Jesus of Nazareth & an Arabic translator. We'd have bacon & eggs & he can bring the Chablis. We'd talk about myths.

2. Belinda Stronach...KD & weiners. We'd talk about car parts & broken hearts.
1. yes, my grandfather too - he died before i was old enough to think of the questions i wanted to ask him. i think we had a lot in common. salt and dripping on bread, something i saw him eat on a few occasions.

2. scott - i believe he's got some left over bacon. so we'll have that. ;o)
Emily Bronte. I have lots of questions for her. I don't want to shock her with modern cuisine, so I think we'll go to The St. Louis Bread Company and have a Panini (Frontega Chicken) and Broccoli Cheese soup in sourdough bowl. Then we'll go by DQ for dessert. I wonder how Emily will like riding in a car....

Do you think Viggo Mortensen could be persuaded to dress up like Aragorn and pretend to be Aragorn (a freshly bathed Aragorn)? We could go to Outback Steakhouse because I think Aragorn is a steak kinda guy. I'll have shrimp on the barbie with a Caesar salad. He can have whatever he wants.:)
Actually, I might have salmon at the Outback.
Scott, I believe Jesus was Jewish, but he might be able to change the bacon into tuna or lamb I suspect...

Julian, behave yourself (and of course he'll dress up for you)!
My answer to this question might change with my mood, but here goes:

1. Will Shakespeare, with lots of fine wine, good whisky and a whole wild salmon on the BBQ. I'd get him ranting and free-syling and enjoy the language.

2. Kurt Vonnegut, Cuban cigars, a full bar and pizza with ceasar salad. Maybe I'd get him to sign some of my books.

3. Okay, maybe my second choice really would be Angelina Jolie - I admire any woman who would love & adopt kids (and who has such luscious lips.. whoops!)
I would invite Jesus Chavez, and serve tameles and cabrito with Milwaukee's Best beer. Jesus cut his finger and it was my fault. I owe him one.
I don't know, Chavez would be a fine talking partner I suppose while nipping on appetisers.
1. I'd invite the 16th Karmapa. I'd serve him a good home made vegetarian meal. Perhaps my famous Dhaal soup, home made bread and a green salad? I have SO many questions for him, amongst them about the ongoing conflict between the two Karmapa Candidates these days.

2. I'd invite you, Gary. I think we'd have a lot to talk about.. I'd serve you a good selection of cheese and crackers, and good wine. Maybe even a "scottle of botch".

3. Or maybe I'd invite Colin Firth. I'd serve me on a platter?We'd talk about movies and literature I think. who am I kidding... *lol*
First person I thought of was Mel Brooks. He'd be the most fun and I've always been in love with him. We'd drink scotch with seltzer on the side and eat chicken fat with cracklings(schmaltz and grivenes)on fresh unseeded rye, pastrami, chopped liver and kreplach soup, followed by a trip to the emergency room.
Second, George Balanchine. He loved animals, dance and food equally. We would drink vodka and eat all kinds of smoked, pickeled and jellied Russian food followed by Pavlovas, chocolate and Champagne for dessert.

Except now I can't stop thinking about Viggo Mortensen.
Viggo Mortensen would definitively make good company too - I've already met him once and he was very nice - even without his Aragorn clothes...
Hey, I think we need Viggo to get online for this blog discussion. If you can reach him Nerdine, there are some women who would like to invite him to dinner.

Bebe, Mel Brooks would be a riot... and oy, what a feast!
Oh yeah, if there were a prize for the most fascinating posts, you'd be a winner often Bohemian.
Nerdine, be more specific. Was he without his Aragorn clothes or without clothes in general? And tell more!
Invite Albert Einstein and Bertrand Russell and serve good food and wine of their preference.

The Queens flew in for the Commonwealth Games so maybe her and Prince Philip with Fergie to make a party of “Royals” and former Royals to watch the coverage on TV with commentary by the Queen.
oohh let me add to the Aragorn discussion. I loveee Aragorn. Viggo on his own, not so sure about! If we were to have dinner I'm sure I'd say Aragorn you can protect me anytime you wish! hehehehe

Gary: come on... you're not really jealous of Viggo dahling are you? Grin
Nah Vee, Viggo and I go back a long ways - he told me that he likes to sip tea and crochet and that women scare him, otherwise, he's very much the Aragon type.
1. I'd like to invite Abraham for diner, we would have a long discussion so I would best order a cold ceasar salad.

2. Gwenn Stefani would be nice. But I would have trouble keeping my eyes off those long, very long legs..
juBlu - *lol* I WISH!!! He was visiting Norway for the premiere of "Return of the king". The day after he did some sightseeing, and came to see the museum where I work. We chatted a bit after he had played tourguide for his friends (a couple of the crew from the LOTR). So - clothes on unfortunately...
Ah, Nerdine, bet you were wishing you worked in a nude museum. Ha.
(Kidding, I really like him best dressed as Aragorn, although undressed as Aragorn would be okay, too...).

But if Viggo is SCARED of women, well that's just hot! Reconsidering now....
1.) Nicholai Tesla, and we would have cabbage rolls and chamomile tea at a sidewlk cafe.

2.) Gary, and we would have something far more exotic and fantastical than anything he has ever seen in all of his travels -- aboard the Nautilus at Capt. Nemo's table.
1. My mother, who died in 1982. I'd ask her the meaning of life and I'd tell her I'm a lesbian. And I'd have her bring dinner.

2. Erma Bombeck. I'd serve her famous three-bean "trash" salad.

Now, if I could have both my mother and Erma Bombeck for dinner I'd be simply ecstatic.
Yes subversive... and Erma would write a hell of a short piece on it too... all about love and food.

I'm ready for dinner with Nemo PT!

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