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Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Okay - a lighter moment please...

I've posted some rather heavy material lately, although important (I think). Anyhow, for something a little lighter on International Women's Day. Go girls!

There's an International Women's Day? Were they keeping it a secret? I didn't know!
Well, so long as one does not die kicking, I suppose it can be concluded that he/she has experienced a life worth living.
Hey JuliaB - here's the UN link - it seems to be a big thing in Canada.

I hope the sign isn't offensive - I interpreted the graffiti as standing up to the image of the 'woman as legs'. And yes, women do have to keep kicking (and men too) for justice and an absence of violence - it helps live that good life Barbara :)
Yes, Gary. We must keep kicking, but we do need to stop and smell the roses now and then.In spite of all the bad things and horrors and injustices going on, there is still so much goodness and beauty and joy also. We mustn't lose sight of that or we'll perish from dispair.
A few French women mentioned it to me " hey did you know it's womens day?" Didn't know..

Surely didn't know it's international. Never heard of it in Holland.

Don't know why they said it anyway.

BTW; you remember me calling Amnesty Netherlands few months ago after your post? They called back yesterday. We're gonna team up over here and I will mention them in my next mothly column.

Thx Gary..
Dimitri - cool! Let us know what happens. Amnesty work can use a brain and heart such as yours.

Gadfly - you're right! Always need to enjoy the gift of life and the love and beauty that surrounds us - thanks for the reminder.

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