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Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Poetry again...

Here are 2 poems by my 18 year old son Ryan. The first will resonate if you love Jimi (and will prove the generation gap can dissolve through music). The second is from last summer - we live in the mountains in British Columbia, Canada - there are forests, lakes, streams... and beasts.

Jimi Hendrix

He releases a peace
Of his soul
Each time his mouth opens
It soars out as a sacrifice
To move the masses
With angelic music
Elevating all those who
Use it

He knew the answer
To the question
“What is a man without a soul?”
Sacrificed his whole soul by
Age 28
He drowned himself in drugs
But he’s not gone
Only dead
More than mere man
More than mere mortal
Forty years later
He’s prayed and meditated
To with headphones on
Strong now as he ever was
He’s a vessel to translate
Love into this
Music that hits with a soulful French kiss
An artistic orgasm that only he could perform
Guitar like the
Calmest sunny day
And the wildest storm

To quote the man himself
“When the power of love
Overcomes the love of power
Peace will be known”

Amen and Hallelujah

Ryan - 2005

He's "my man" Gary!
Hendrix did a slendid version of "All along the watchtower" (Dylan) in my view (ears) better or at least more exhuberant than the original.
Will preform above song and two others at the "Cafe Night" next Friday together with my daughter and two other girls. We got the harmonies pretty much down and our instruments (guitars, mandolin and violin) sound fairly in tune. It will be a blast to "rock the house"!
Cheers, me.
'scuse me, while I kiss this guy.
-Jimi Hendrix
You must be proud to have such a talented son. Poetry is a gift, not just a talent. I'm a good writer for the most part, but poetry is one thing I've never been good at. I'm envious of others' talents.
Wow! I am impressed for two reasons. One, that he knows who Hendrix was and what he was about. And two, his own amazing gift for writing.
Yes, very impressive indeed. You are both very blessed: you for having such a talented son, and he for having a father who believes in him and is proud.
I want to hear hendrix performed on the violin, guitar and mandolin - can you organise an mp3, zee? I think it would be really interesting! seriously, I love that sort of thing. :o)

Hendrix is unique, inspirational; while it doesn't surprise me he crosses generations, it's a good thing, isn't it? musical culture can be so capricious! good on you, ryan!

I admire people who write poetry, it's not something I've been able to do with any success, despite trying. great work, keep it up.

zee, I bet a pound that one of the songs is ''little wing''. I can imagine the violin part in my head. ;o)
I am sure Jimmy H would be overjoyed to know how his music lives on and to read Ryans tribute to his soulful music.

Best wishes
"If 6 Was 9" was the song that got me into Hendrix. This after hearing all the stuff they play on the radio all the time and not understanding what the buzz was all about.

My brother got the remaster from Japan. Had a lyric sheet, with lots of odd mistakes. The part where he says, "I'm gonna wave my freak flag high," was translated as, "I'm gonna wave my big fat knife." If you listen to the song and think that, you can have a good laugh.


The tracking sequence on the 8-track of Axis: Bold as Love is the coolest track sequencing I have ever heard anywhere, bar none. Makes the whole assemblage so much more ethereal. Highly recommended. Come to think of it, Axis is still the one I like the best.

A really cool tribute.
Wonderful poetry Ryan. If only we could read Jimmy's thoughts once again..ahh the guitar...
Thanks all - I'll make sure Ryan reads your comments.

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