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Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Blogger Buddies Meet for Coffee

I just got back from work in Toronto and Ottawa - a busy week.It was summer one day in Ottawa and winter the next - weird. (And of course, it's really spring.)

While in Toronto last week, I had the pleasure of meeting one of my blogger friends for coffee. Vee was nice enough to join me even though she was suffering from a bad cold.

To make it easier to visit for the first time, we simply took turns 'posting' an idea and waited to see if the other would then follow by posting a 'comment'. Okay, just kidding about that part...

In fact, it was very reassuring to learn that blogging friendship and communications can be just as pleasant in person. A young woman in the Second Cup kindly took a photo for us.

Thanks for coffee Vee! (Now I'm ready for Oslo, Amsterdam, Melbourne, St. Louis, Horsebite and more...)

Meeting fellow bloggers is great fun. I've done a little of it lately and had a wonderful time both weekends.
I would love to meet a fellow blogger. What fun! I feel like I know so many of you already!
Would love to have been there. Hope you both enjoyed Veena and Gary!

Take good care, both of you
Its quite interesting Gary and I think bloggers lean heaps about one another so i'm not surprised and pleased to hear of your experience.

By the way are you intersted in any more Tablets (dont worry readers I am referring to a magazine !!)

Best wishes
how nice!!

I'll be ready with coffee when you arrive Oslo. Maybe you should do a relay? *lol* Or maybe make a list of where you get the best coffee? I know where I'd take you for that. I live right next to the best coffee place in all of Oslo... One of the hidden gems.
How wonderful! (Except that I'm somewhat jealous that missed it). You even LOOK like you're having a great time.

St. Louis awaits you. In fact, if we ever have that blogger convention, might I suggest St. Louis as a meeting place? Seems like a nice, central location to me.
Granny - you must get up early, you're first to comment so often!

arubla - ditto

Lindsay - thanks, but I'm not through the Tablets you sent me yet (magazines, not those kind of tablets as my mate notes)

Dimitri - when's your next business trip to N. America?

Nerdine - if I head to Norway - you and coffee are first on my list.

Jublu - St. Louis would be a great place to meet - central to the universe from what I understand. Don't you have the nice arches over the river there?
Gary, thanks for posting about the meeting. It was really nice actually. I'm still coughing by the way. It's going to be a few more days before I'm fully back to normal - whatever normal may be! hehehe
Photographic evidence:
Blogging leads to coffee consumption.
Looks like you're enjoying it too.
Oh Dearie!
It's nice to see you out having fun!
Like you'd even need to ask if you would get coffee if you showed up to InfiniteLattes headquarters in Beautiful Little Rock, AR! (You could see the new Presidential Library. Believe it or not, the US used to have a real President!)
While my latte e-mailing technology is still in the testing stages, one day soon you'll be able to put your cup under your monitor and I'll get you fixed up!
Auntie Willow, I have no plans to be in the Little Rock area, but if I do - you will be the first to know. I'll bring something to spike our coffee.

I did once have a meeting while sitting barefoot in a creek - somewhere near Fayetteville...

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