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Thursday, March 23, 2006

Control Arms - teleshopping

Here's another video clip - I know that some of you have joined the control arms Million Faces Petition. This might be interesting to you.

And if you're just a consumer who loves the Home Shopping Channel, well this is just your clip!

that was a funny satire yet a sad commentary on many of my neighbors.
unfortunately I believe no petitions will stop the global sale of AK-47's or similar weapons, it is like saying: I'm against bird flu! That will not stop the birds to fly wherever they want to... same with weapons.
I see I'm not missing much yet by disconnecting the t.v. What a weird world we live in.

I kind of expected that kid to turn on the hosts, actually!
Yeah, petitions alone won't do it Zee. These organizations are also lobbying for international laws; investigating violations of current laws and working directly with governments.

Slow but sometimes progress.
Saw it a while ago. New approach to an old problem. Good.
What a funny clip!
Odd position for me, though, Auntie's from the Hunter S. Thompson wing of the Democratic Party (I don't trust those bastards enough to NOT be packing).
Of course, that could also be a Southern US thing, where even daughters are taken to learn how to shoot at an early age. Especially now that the
Lady Smith
from Smith and Wesson is in production!
You poor Dears in Canada (ok, the rest of the World) must think we are just full-blown lead-water-glass type insane in the US. Unfortunately, you're probably right.
Oh, yeah, one quote to close with "There are 6 billion people on this planet. At any given time 90 percent of them are either making mud bricks or field-stripping their AK-47s". Neal Stephenson, Snowcrash
I couldn't resist. If you don't think we're all insane in the US after my last post, here is a link to help you make sure!

the Women Shooters
website review of the Ladysmith Revolver.
I'd just like to take a moment to apologize to the rest of the universe.
Auntie Willow
Oh, sorry!
I should also state I'm not a member of that or any other pro-gun group!
Don't apologize Auntie Willow. I don't think most southern girls grew up with an AK-47 in the schoolbag. I grew up in a shooting/hunting family too, as many Canadians did. I respect guns and was a decent shot.

That said, the small arms trade globally is a horror inflicted on civilians in lots of places. Cheap guns, cheap bullets... and power politics. Yikes! Bad combination.

You do have a pretty serious human-shooting score down in the good old US - it may have more to do with the culture (poverty, race, drugs etc) but it certainly isn't helped by easy access to handguns and automatic weapons. Same for the high suicide rate by young men.

God some Americans love their damn guns...almost as much as their cars.

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