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Friday, April 07, 2006

You get what you vote for... Harper on the move

Two Amigos Looking Like World Leaders (lost the vest Stevie...)

When Canadian voters held their noses and sent the scandal-ridden Liberals to their rooms for a time-out, they may or may not have really wanted to give the Conservatives (also known as Harper's Bizarre) a free hand.

Here are a few of the goodies quietly released in Halifax, of all places (I love Halifax, but it's a great place to not get attention).

1. Missile defense: didn't we say 'non, merci' to King Bush and his court? An expensive, weapon-escalating, unproven system in (or near) outer space is not wanted by most Canadians. We certainly don't want to join the fun ... and are ready to ride the rough seas that might result from not playing with our friends. But Harper says it's time to re-think it and maybe we will sign on after all.

Kyoto Accord: he's scrapped the Canadian emission targets, closed down the One Ton Challenge and is more or less making the petro-chemical and manufacturing industry happy as a fossil-fuel-wet-dream (can a wet dream be happy... you know what I mean).

3. Same sex marriage - legal across the land... and equal too. He will wait a while, then put the question back to Parliament and see if they'd like to define marriage as between a man and a woman. I suspect he'd just as soon let this go, but many of his supporters love the Christian right stuff (probably love to put on garter belts and make-up too... the guys I mean).

4. I like things in groups of 3, but this one is important too. First Nations people signed an accord with the last government in August. It would put a lot of money and effort into reducing some of the unbelievable conditions that many indigenous people in Canada live in. It would support housing, education, self government and a number of other areas. Harper says his government will honour the 'spirit' of the agreement, but not the agreement (or the money no doubt).

Okay, that's it for Canadian Politics 101 for our visitors. No one said it would be fun! As for you Canucks reading this - there should be an election within a couple of years. Maybe we can let the other guys out of their room ... or even give the NDP a chance at the steering wheel for a change. Meanwhile, it's time to be alert, to ask questions, to write letters and to speak out.

Now your turn bloggers!

I didn't realize there was a strong Christian fundamentalist movement in Canada. Shame on you for spoiling the dream of so many American liberals, Gary. ;)

Why is George Bush disguised as a dentist in that picture?
Yeah, sorry Jublu! Although it's not large (most Canadians don't go to church or believe in the literal words of the bible) - it's still a factor.

I think it's George's Mexican fiesta look...
Wholly off-topic here, but my local met to elect representatives to the national delegation last night.
Around the 1st of Dec, I had e-mailed a link to some petition of protest against the WTO to my organizer. This was open to any trade groups. Unfortunately, the deadline for signing was 23Nov05.
I thought that I had gotten this from a link on your site here. But searching through your archives, I've been unable to find it.
Does this ring a bell at all? Do you even know what I'm talking about?

I want to press for our delegates to hold the national accountable for failing to become signatory to this petition. It would help if I could find the petition...

Back on topic now: Several Canadian unions were signatory to this petition, including the Canadian Postal Workers (stop delivery to the WTO!).
Just to let you know, I finally found it here. And here is the list of signatories.
Oy vay! The image of those two shaking hands is positively creeepy.
Harper is our Prime Minsters John Howard’s vision and I can tell you what Harpers next play, a play on words is!!

Hire an additional 40 personal advisors (Reporting directly to Harper through the chief spin Dr) who search out public opinion and then put a "spin" on the news to fit a contrived political solution in accord with govt policy.

His election promises are to be split into categories, Core and NON core, so when he reverses a previous undertaking it’s simply a non core promise. The categories are fluid enough to change to meet the new challenges!!
Best wishes
Lindsay - their is definitely something in the Howard link. He is doing all of the above already, almost precisely as described (and including making sure none of his caucus can speak on anything but core issues.
I have to say. I was quite saddened by the recent Canadian election returns. What do you think happened, and, is Alberta really "Texas of the North?"

I have a friend in Ontario but other than what her and I talk about, I don't know much about Canadian politics.
Jeremy, in American terms there isn't really a dramatic shift to neo-conseravatism in Canada. What happened was that the Liberal Party had been in power a long time and were behaving in ways that ranged from arrogant to corrupt. The voters plugged their noses and elected a Minority government (Harper has less than half the seats in Parliament).

That said, there's enough shift that we're seeing some things rolled back and we're seeing the government align itself closer to the US on lots of issues.

It's scary.

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