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Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Grafitti of the week (instead of a sign this time)

I like this one...

That's great! What a sign of the times.
loading ammo?
cool - I actually stared at it for a couple of seconds waiting it to finish loading.. *lol* I am tired...
Who are these vandals and how do they know so much about my computer?
I'm not a big fan of graffiti, although some is quite artistic. I do like a witty or unusual one though...
That is witty. For a second there, like Nerdine, I waited for it to finish loading! lol. I'm blaming my medication!
I wonder how people just think this stuff up? Like, who would ever actually grafitti that on a building? Someone clever!
I just think that is the coolest thing!
{Gushing Admiration for unknown Vandals}.
Hey! Maybe George Bush could get a tatoo of that on his forhead!
It would certainly help him at press converences!
Auntie Willow, that's a hilarious suggestion!! LOL Apt too.
LOVE Auntie's suggestion.
When she comes up with an idea - she does something about it - ready for a laugh? Then click here Auntie Willow
Hilarious, Auntie Willow. Thanks for the link, Gary. I needed a laugh.

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