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Saturday, April 15, 2006

Libya concert marks US bomb raids

Here's a story about a concert in Libya commemorating the US bombing 20 years ago (which killed about 40 people, including Gaddafi's daughter Hanna). Lionel Ritchie performed for heaven's sake - detente or what!

I was living in neighboring Sudan during that time and it heated up once it was learned that the Sudanese Embassy had also been bombed. The US said it was a mistake (good old collateral damage), but the people of Khartoum hit the streets and there was a little shooting.

In order to consider my own safety (and many others I worked with) I decided to seek advice from both a CIA agent at the US embassy and the British Ambassador. You'll love the two replies:

CIA Agent - "Wellll Gary, I'd say you and anyone from the US, Canada or Europe should get the hell out of this country as soon as you can. If you want to know about some routes being developed, I can give you coordinates for data." (That's CIA talk for setting up a clandestine meeting).

British Ambassador - "It's the Queen's 60th birthday this Saturday and our chaps are going ahead with the party. You're more than welcome to join us. I'm sure this fuss will all settle down in a week or so. Carry on with your good work sir!"

I stayed... we even toasted the secret CIA buses (with illicit Ethiopian gin), as they drove by our house in the middle of the night - to put US citizens and others on secret planes.

And yes, the do the Brits put on was fabulous.

God save the queeen!
i say, stiff upper lip, what! ;o)

that means she's 80 this year! - of course, i know this as it's all over the telly here.

don't know what to make of the concert other than any excuse for these singers to get up and sing! i know, i know, i'm an old cynic...
So, let me get this straight. Are you saying there's something wrong with being paranoid, suspicious, and secretive? Because that pretty much describes my whole personality....
I don't believe it Jublu, but I will be monitoring your email and having a friend of mine sit in a Cable TV van outside your house for a few days, just to be sure!

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