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Thursday, April 13, 2006

Northern BC again

This week I'm working in places called Prince Rupert, Terrace and Kitimat. These are small towns that are much closer to Alaska than they are to most of BC. It's a very mystical feeling place - with rainforests, wide river valleys between snow covered peaks and ancient rivers winding down to misty ocean inlets. About 25% of the people are First Nations and their presence is strong. There are beautiful longhouse buildings, old and new totem poles, imagry of bear, salmon, eagle and raven everywhere. I wish I was a tourist rather than working.
Here is an interesting site if you'd like to learn about the Tsimshian people.
It seems far away from the rats ass of world events yet I do hear the war drums around Iran on the nightly news. I'm disheartened by men and their beliefs (and I don't mean humankind...I mean men). Whether religious, nationalistic, tribal or the modern versions of consumerism and conservatisim...these beliefs are walls between humans and feed the inclination to make the other less-than-human, to demonize a group, to live in fear, to think that fighting is the only way forward.
Ahhh, I'm going to take a walk and watch some eagles.

Another thoughtful posting by “ Sm’ooygit “(Chief) Gary and an interesting video link , as I liked the sound of the native language, K’awtsgn, Goopsxn ,Galtsgan and I hope you see K’yaak or T’apxaat, (1 or two ) animals along the way. Maybe you need to hire a T’apxaat Galm’algyax (The Chiefs Speaker) to do the speaking for you so you’re free to enjoy the scenery!! and visit others in k’widaat (people in boats)
Sounds like your the sole Sm’ooygit (Chief) and maybe you need a MEYELPA (English for me helper).

Easters the season to imagine peace and a doctrine of civil disobedience to resolve conflicts rather than war and violence, a dream but not a reality.
What a brilliant comment Lindsay! I think someday you and I should tour the NW coast of BC - I now have friends who can take us fishing for 50 pound salmon and show us around some native communities.
On this Good Friday, we should all learn the History and recap what Jesus and Christianity is all about at http://danceofthemind.typepad.com/
Pictures when you get back, Gary? Sounds gorgeous!

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