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Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Spring's here - blossoms to follow

It's spring in our BC mountain valley, but the flowers aren't here yet. I'm envious of the sunny places, where flowers are year round. Here's a photo from La Manzanilla, the Mexican village I visited in February. Pardon the rush hour on the main street...

Good old crepe myrtles. We have those everywhere in our neck of the woods - two in our yard. Not quit flowering yet, although they are already blooming in San Antonio.

(Can't quite fathom the rush hour, however.)
flowery place
companions to grow
blossoms bloom
Arulba - thanks for naming the flowering tree for me - I like the sound of that 'crepe myrtle'. Almost sounds like a very special breakfast.

Lindsay - nice poem mate!
I LOVE that it is finally Spring! The warm weather and the sunshine are much needed! The new office where I'm working has a little courtyard area nearby, and I've been enjoying my lunch hours people watching and breathing warm air and absorbing the city.

I wish it could be like this every day!
do they envy you the snow? ;o) nice photo.

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