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Thursday, May 04, 2006

Picasso portrait fetches $95.2m

This is Picasso's portrait of his most famous lover, Dora Maar. It sold at auction this week for $95.2 million (story). That's a lot of money for a painting that was obviously painted after a night of heavy drinking, while standing on a moving boat, looking into a mirror.

Just kidding of course, but not about the outrageous amount of money. Did you buy it DA?

Hmm, my personal favorite PIcasso is the one of the woman with 3 boobs. I kept a postcard (50 cents) of that on my fridge for years. Everyone was offended, of course. Loved that.
What's so unusual about that, Ju? Don't we all?
Do you see the little black cat in the painting?

Its on the left, standing on her shoulder with it's head beside her neck. Its tail follows the seperation between the blue and the white backgourd.

I must admit I would like to create something that would be seen as worth that much to someone.
I wouldn't have seen the cat if it hadn't been pointed out. I was trying to find her nose or decide if she had two of them.
picasso's all right. it's a unique creation from a huge talent, hard to put a value on it.

so who benefits from the sale - Gidwitz of Chicago(?) don't you wonder where the money will end up - is it a big butterfly beating its wings. ;o)
I wonder what she looked like in real life. I know that Picasso is "one of the greats", but I think as his lover I'd be offended to be immortalized like THAT.
woh!! that makes me feel cross eyed looking at that painting. I wouldn't pay $10 for it!!
okay okay it was me... sigh, now have no $$ for starbucks.
Darn, they said it was an "absolutely anonimous auction". No one keeps secrets these days.

Unfortunately I can't affort stuff like that my friend:-)

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