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Monday, May 08, 2006

Ahmadinejad sends letter to Bush

It seems a letter from the President of Iran is on the way to President Bush (via the always useful Swiss). The contents have not yet been revealed, but this could be fun. Here's one version - others welcome:

Dear President Bush (AKA Satan):

You and I are so much alike. We both believe we're right all the time and don't care what anyone else thinks. We both believe in a God with strict rules and dream of the day we can force them on every human being (especially women). We love nuclear weapons and are sure God wants us to use them. We're willing to spend all our nation's money on war and power. We love oil like you wouldn't believe.
Why can't we be friends? Imagine what we could do together!

Your new friend,

President Ahmadinejah (AKA Cranky)

They are alike, aren't they.
Dear Mr. President Bush!
You know as well as I that you don't have the only god given right to split atoms. My very own god dictates to me that control of substances and matter are not reserved for the US solely, but embraces all of humanity.
We can have it two ways - either you let the gods fight it out between themselves if you have any problems in what I am attempting to do and see who wins, or you piss off and let me do my humanly duty and enrich all that can be enriched...

Yours always - Ahmadinejah

I love it! Especially the picture.
Let's declare a jihad on nukes and destroy every single one on this earth. Allah Akbar! (without detonating any, ofcourse). Think God would mind if Bush didn't fulfill his God given mandate to nuke Iran? Would He get ticked off if the Arabs stopped hating their brother Israelis, and vice versa? Would He throw a snit if humanity actually learned to coexist peacefully?

Our so-called "Christian" dorks in Washington want to poison a few million more folks with radiation? As claimants to being followers of Christ, maybe they need to ask WWJD before beginning more slaughter. I scarcely think that sort of behavior was what Christ taught, is it? Strange God hasn't reminded Bush of that during their little fireside chats.
You know what is frightening? They are so much alike. Two idiots, one has a nuke and the other one wants one. How's that for a plan for disaster?
A great picture of President Bush. I am sure he would love it!
The content is really funny though actual content is even funnier-lecturing Bush on democracy and clash of civilizations..

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