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Thursday, May 11, 2006

This one's for the Pope

I was in the mood to laugh and found my link to this very spiritual Monty Python musical number. If you have four minutes and want a very moving experience, have a peek at Every Sperm is Sacred. Link here.

that's hilarious!!!
Popes are silly.
I thought the bishops elected the new Pope because they thought he'd be conservative and not go changing any of the old church rules before he croaked. Now, it seems, he is throwing them all for a loop.

Signs, I hope, that the Catholic Church is ready to flex with the times a little.
hahahaha...really funny..
LOL big time!
Lauren, you're very hopeful about the new Pope being perhaps a reformer. I'm not so hopeful, but pendulums do eventually swing (like the Monty Python song swings!)
my 8, 10, and 12y can sing that - we exposed them to Monty Python at an early age to help counter the strong religous right we are surrounded by. My 12yr old is especially good at the "Isn't it Nice to Have a Penis" ditty....

sigh, what have I done?

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