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Thursday, May 11, 2006

Site launches 'Chinese Wikipedia'

China is launching its own Wikipedia-type website - where users themselves create an ongoing encyclopedia of information (story here). Of course, this is China, with its strict censorship of internet use and its arrests and executions without much process...so believe me there will be many jobs created to sit and read what is being posted. Knock, knock...

Just for fun, once it's online - I think I'll go to Baidupedia (the new service) and post entries like this:

- Can someone tell me about Tiananmen Square?
- Anyone seen the Dalai Lama lately?
- Where can I talk to a dissident?
- I'm holding a meeting on free elections next week.
- Falung Gong members unite!

It could be fun to see if I get any email back.

P.S. Google is having no problems complying with Chinese regulations as it launches its new service. With 187,000,000 internet users predicted within 2 years - what are a few arrests or detainments and curtailment of human rights? Go corporation go!!

More topics:

Mao: Mass Murderer (50 million) or Great Revolutionary.

ROC v. PRC: where would you rather live?

I never cease to be disgusted when corporations act like, well, corporations.

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