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Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Haiku time friends!

It's the every-so-often haiku post. I love this form of poetry. The format is 3 lines, not rhymed, and consisting of 5 syllables, then 7 and followed by 5 more. However, you do your own thing - we have no poetry police at this blog. I will suggest a theme though - "Inner Contentment".

Here are my entries - now let's have yours.

World swirls and transforms
Breath pulled in and eases out
Life moves me timeless

Red robin cries flies
Blue eggs wait for warm feathers
I step back with grace

I'm not feeling poetic at the moment, but anyone who has ever owned/lived with a cat will love these haikus:

Just posted a Haiku on my blog inspired by your theme..

Health, wealth, knowledge and happiness
These are the hallmarks of inner contentment
May God bless us all!

naked wrist feels fine
somewhere my watch counts the hours
no time to worry

i guess we've both equated timekeeping with displeasure! ;o)
i suppose inner contentment brings to mind asanas and psychology...

yoga and freud
smarter than average bears
oops, sorry boo-boo!


sigmund freud once said
all you need is love - and work!
i preferred the beatles


no past no future
just the quietness of the pose
in the here and now
Ian! You are smarter than the averrrage bear! Very nice poetry.
time slips by fast
and I don't cry or lament
so swans mate late

but wait
they mate forever
so the story goes.
Random thoughts our fate
Adventure to unknown state
Transcends space moment

Thoughts our energy
Emotions new dimensions
Spirits renew faith
very nice words...
the image is just great...but it gave me this sad feeling that the darkness and destruction is cominging over to the meiddle east..it made me think of the suffering children there..
god bless us all ..including this part of the world
oh fuck this haiku
I never learned the rules yet
next time I'll do good
Star gazing people
It's a long dark night out there
What are you thinking?


Just a thought.
best wishes,
Zee, your work is great - have to admit I've never seen 'fuck' in a haiku before - a poetic first!

Lindsay, I particularly like the second one - 'Emotions new dimensions'

Haider - yes, the Middle East deserves our good thoughts ... and our action to support people there.

Susan - that's a beauty.

Cyber friends poets
Touched and moved by your fine words
Thoughts drift head to heart
de ron is 14
he is living in a trailer
in baton rouge
Rain fell from above
Slid down my face and kissed me
and I felt Heaven.

I felt myself heal
after the kiss from the rain.
Now Hell is no more.
Thanks Bohemian - always a pleasure to hear from you.

Nova - very beautiful imagry - especially since I picture it in NYC.
On water of blue
Where dreams float in the warm sun
Beware: undertow

My Irving inspired haiku.

Geez, Gary. I always hated the haiku, and now you've got me trying to write them. Badly, at that. Shame!
Jublu - badly? I think not! I love the third line - the subtle twist and the words.
who said der weren't no poet police....
(cue sirens and lights)

what you've got are half senyrus half haikus here buddy, I'm gonna tink 'bout givin ya a ticket fer exceedin' yer poetic licence.

'member haikus are 'bout nature, descriptive only and don't always have to be 5,7,5 (dat der fit better wit dat Japanese langage)- senyrus are about basically ever't'ing else, but mainly people an' der emotions. . .

I'll let cha off with a warnin' dis time....

but I'll be watchin' cha....

- I might even get off me arse and write one fer ya too... ;-)
okay he ya go, putting my metre where my mouth is....

trust (senyru)

faith's display revealed
waxing hope's waning facade
opening arms touch

winter's night (tanka 5,7,5,7,7)

frosted icicles
under snow ~ running water
frozen diamond cold
frigid Sprite blows vapour breath
bathing in Selene's light

War (senryu)

Weapons of Soul Destruction

waterfall (haiku)

cascading descent
sculpts eternity's moss face
evokes pearl's paintbrush

okay stopping myself now.... ;-)

You can bust me for poetic crime anytime ... as long as you keep leaving gems behind like those above.

Truly lovely.

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