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Monday, June 12, 2006

Proud parent

As regular visitors know, one of my children is a son who is 18, is a poet and musician and a free thinking bohemian type.

His high school graduation just took place. Here is a photo of him with his date - I have to say I think they are both stunning... and just a little bit hip. (Click to embiggen)

I like what he did with my never-used tuxedo jacket. I like what she did with some Balinese silk.

Here's one of his recent poems since I'm here anyhow ...

A Life

He thinks he knows me
She thinks she knows me
They think they know me
But how could this be
When in my own eyes
I’m still a mystery?

Your life is not my life
My life is not her life
Her life is not his life
His life is not your life
Your life is not my life

Move a rock
Pick a flower
Plant a tree
Kick a pine cone
Live a life

- by Ryan

yay!!!you're a daddy!!!!!...
Twice a daddy, anonymous! HOw about you?
They look funky!! And good poem - something along the lines of what I've been thinking offlate. :) Creative kid you've got there gary...with his wardrobe too!
What a brilliant pair!
Blame it all on Waldorf and Anthro?
No, nevermind Gary, just joking - brilliant by their own means!
Thanks for sharing.
Yes Zee - you can attribute much of the look to borders, square crayons and an understaning of temperments!
Original and a handsome couple.
great poem!

...not sure about that tie. in truth, i'm not sure about any tie. ;o)
Wow, They will rock the boat daddy, that's for sure. Nice poem too!
Ryan looks grand ………..and that’s a lovely looking partner he has !! I loved the poem which goes well with the picture, I think it’s the best one you have posted from Ryan so far!!
damn, they look good.

my son was growing his hair, and just cut it off, and my daughers too (but they donated their's to locks for love). between the three I think they've lost 30".

Good poem, I think the repetition is weighing it down a little - pushing the point too hard. The last stanza is excellent, as is the overall sentiment. If he were to take it down to the barest words I think it would come across with more effect. Its a simple poem, make it with simple words. - eekk! sorry for the review, force o' habit. Ignore me completely now..... ;-)
Stunning couple!
I loved the poem...the last para is the best!
Thanks for sharing friend..
those two are very cute, and creative!!! they will never be accused of "going with the flow". good job man, GOOD JOB
Whoa! That's a great un-tux!

I agree, I like the last stanza best.

(Congrats, proud daddy.)
Adorable couple and a thoughtful poem (I remember feeling that way once).
Gary - stunning couple - and they have my very best wishes n their bright lives!

The poem ... I wish my father could understand ... I wish he could see that it's not a replica I am meant to be

Thank you so much for visiting my blog - and for your comments - because looking through yours, I see that our thoughts collide

Nice to come across you.

"give peace a chance", tomorrow is not promised to us ...
Congratulations to Ryan! I know you must be very proud, Gary.

I think your son seems independent & creative, and he will probably make a real difference in the world.

I loved the poem.
They're a smashing and unique looking couple.

Ryan is quite an expert on life already, at the ripe age of 18. He knows more about life than many people older than he is.
Thanks all! Compliments and feedback on the poem will be passed on.
Beautiful. What creativity!

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