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Tuesday, August 08, 2006

10th Annual Gentlemens Cruise A Palooza

I returned last night from four days on Kootenay Lake with 10 other men. Each year we rent a 5o foot long steel hulled boat (The Ariadne), equiped with a kitchen, bathroom, some bunks, a big deck and a diesel engine that will take us anywhere. The Kootenay Lake shoreline is about 50% boat access only.

Yes, there were martinis at 4:00 (shaken not stirred). There were also hikes, rock climbing, fishing, swimming, cards, rowing, windsurfing and very good and sometimes very tall stories... Remember gentlemen, "What is brought to the Cruise, stays on the Cruise."

Some pics (click to make larger):

The Ariadne at rest in Mathieson's Cove

Sailors making serious decisions in the wheelhouse (me on right)

Early morning walk - nice lighting...

Rock climing with a safe landing (I row the boat instead)

4:00 in the morning?

Terrific pictures. Looks like you had a great time.

Hey, I tagged you in my book meme at Out of the Blue (3rd post down). Are you going to play along?
How fun! What a wonderful and relaxing trip for you.
Looks like a fun trip--no sleep to be had by all. :-)

Glad you had fun--beautiful pics
Great pics Gary but come on, just one story..
In april this year you talked about Kootenay Lake, and a trip of 3 or 4 days with a group of 10 men renting one of those fantastic vessels from Kaslo Shipyards.

Now if you have a great time, I can undersatnd a year in Nelson's time is really only 4-6 months duration, no worries. Best wishes
that looks like a lot of fun, gary. great pics - i'm not convinced about the rock climbing - safe landing. your man's posture looks like he's escaping from some underwater predator. ;o)
I agree with Dimitri.. just one story! :-)

I have to say that the picture of you and the two other men didn't look so serious... it looked almost as though you guys were trying hard not to crack up!

Good times!
Thanks all.

Yes Jublu, martinis were in the afternoon - we're too old to be carousing at 4:00 a.m!

Lindsay, I posted photos from last year's cruise in April - in anticipation of this venture - although twice a year is not a bad idea.

DA and Nova: As for stories, I can tell you that one evening we went around the fire and each man was asked to describe one situation where they have regret and to describe the apology they would like to give, if possible. Doesn't sound so light, does it? (Hey! We're sensitive men, even after drinks and herbal remedies - for some only).

I thought it would be interesting (I posed the question) - there turned out to be some tears, some sincere regrets and some meaningful conversation.

Now if you want me to tell you a 'regret story', you have to ask!

As for cruise stories, I think middle aged men skinny dipping is not really an exciting sight... but the 5 women that cruised our bay waving seemed to enjoy it.
Ref -Lindsay, I posted photos from last year's cruise in April - in anticipation of this venture - although twice a year is not a bad idea. Gary ----I had thought that was the case ....but decided on a friendly ribbing ...call it our warped sense of Aussie humour. Also maybe in Nelson (what beautiful spot) every day is a Saturday...that’s for the half of the year when it not so cold!! if you get my drift.

Best wishes
That water looks wonderful, really really. Glad you had a good time.
I remember reading about this a few months ago and thinking then what a wonderful tradition you have. It's so important to keep those annual adventures alive!

The photos were wonderful - especially the one of the lake. I can just imagine jumping off that section of rock and slicing into the cold water. Ah, summer.
Gee, Gary, you are such a wet blanket--making your friends cry & all. ;-) Next time you should probably just stick with the skinny dipping.
So, are you going to tell your regret story? You always have something meaningful to share (and teach!).
couldn't help but to notice the tshirt of your friend in the weelhouse (the guy in the middle). I recognized the pattern immediately.. ;)

I remember the post about last year's trip. Sounds like you have a great tradition - you always rent the same boat too? Love the name of it too
Here's asking Gary! And what about the 5 gals that cruised your bay? You hunters didn't feel like chasing them? (or mooning or at least something?)
I need to start a tradition like this of my very own. Great going Gary. You guys definitely know how to have fun.
hey,that could become my annual alone trip (sans family puleez), a blogger trip of sorts.... I soo need to get out of the house..alone! looks like you had fun and some good buddy bonding too!
Elizabeth - don't worry, the tears were shortlived and within moments there were important beers to open and fart jokes to be made and general adolescent behaviour all around.

Nerdine, what is that symbol on Larry's shirt - I never asked.

DA - why did you pick up on the 5 women crusing the bay? We actually don't allow women on the vessel for the 4 days. It's more fun to talk about them in this case. Well, one man's wife had a look around before we set sail - everyone began acting goofy - point made.

As for stories, I'll tell two: on the regret theme, one man regreted sleeping with his best friend's girlfriend many years ago (and being caught in the act). He said that 30 years later he apologized to them individually. The friend has forgiven him - not so sure about the woman.

As for stories on the trip itself - we pulled people behind the big ship, standing on a windsurfer board while holding a big rope (the kind to tie the boat up). One of the gentlemen demonstrated his ability to take his shorts off, put them on his head, then put them back on again - all while standing on the surfboard and without falling. Try that!
Glad to hear that you got onto the adolescent behavior quickly. I guess when the Jedi get older, they can go along. They LOVE fart jokes.

Joe tells me that every man is really 12 on the inside. :-)
Elizabeth, I would say that some men are more mature and are probably at least 15 - with 12 year old reversion easily at hand.

I was in a meeting of parents of teens a few years back, where a public health nurse was talking to us about healthy sexual development (so we could help our hormone-ridden teens).

Just as she mentioned that some men never go beyond the adolescent stage of sexuality - filled with butt jokes, farting and a stunned sort of awe of girls.... my friend Richard (circa 50 years old) walked by the room's window, caught my eye, turned around... and mooned me. True story!

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