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Saturday, August 19, 2006

Darfur still simmering horribly...

Much attention has rightfully gone to Lebanon and northern Israel in recent weeks, but let's not let our leaders forget that the so-called peace process in Sudan has not brought any sort of peace at all for the people in Darfur, and Sudanese refugees in Chad. Amnesty International is calling for a peacekeeping force with the mandate to protect people. This story elaborates. Excerpt below.

For those of you in Canada, here is a link to a simple way to send a letter to your MP - to let him or her know that this is important and something needs to be done. AI USA has this interesting action coming together in September.
'Once again the world at large is ignoring the conflict in Darfur, playing along with the charade that peace is in progress, when, in fact, nothing could be further from the truth,' said Kate Gilmore (AI Deputy Secretary General). 'There has been more conflict since the Darfur Peace Agreement was signed, not less, more displacements of people, not fewer, and more human rights violations perpetrated without any progress towards justice. And what's more, there now is a very real danger that this conflict, as it spills over the border, will continue to spread beyond Sudan.'

Hi Gary
The atrocities that are being committee in Dartford, of Muslims slaughtering Muslims is in danger of spreading Chad and central Africa, as has been highlighted.

I think If ever there was case to take strong action, a moral argument to invade and send in a United nations peace keeping force this has got to be it !! ! How many more reports and evidence do we need of this systematic campaign to terrorise civilians whilst security continues to rapidly deteriorate.

An international force, to help restore law and order is what is urgently needed, not sanctions, for the Govt is not about to welcome any such external force. In this instance other countries such as China might be encouraged to broker a cease fire and help restoration of a semblance of law and order.

But on deeper scale I fear this is the inevitable result of a complete failure of civilisation .What we are witnessing is its final disintegration, genocide the inevitable result from the regions dyeing death gasps. It would be indeed be the ultimate indignity, tragedy, for the world to stand by and allow the remnants to descend into total chaos. I am not sure many fully appreciate the unfolding tragedy before us, but I am sure you do !! ,

The long team solution is to return too the region into self sufficiency, a seemingly impossible task . To ensure there are sufficient resources and know how to exist, enough food for sustainability. This can be done with imagination and insight.

It depends upon using the United Nations for the purpose it was originally formed and for its talents and aid in ensuring the region becomes sustainable, so simple, but can it ever viably be realised when so much of our resources are diverted to war and military spending ?

Best wishes
I like your train of thought Lindsay. Unfortunately my trust in any kind of effective action by the UN is at an all time low.
They brokered a cease fire in Lebanon and promised 15,000 peacekeepers. So far 200 of 400! French people have arrived ... working on logistics! What a joke ...
Lindsay and Zee - my north and south brothers!

The United Nations is not an independent body, but of course, relies on its members resources and a real commitment from major powers. The current US government position (clearly stated) is that the UN is only of value where it can be used to further US interests. Nice...

As for Darfur, it's racism, numbness, selfishness, politics at its worse and as horrible as humankind gets... And I'm not talking about the Janjawid militia doing the raping, burning and killing - I'm talking about the rest of us, sitting by tut tutting over the Rwanda genocide and how so little could have stopped it - while a slow burning genocide takes place in Darfur.

There are political and other solutions at hand, even there. But we're asleep, our governments still think that talking is doing... and the UN needs a good kick in the ass and some money and troops - led by the Security Council.

Is the UN useful. It's probably still the best hope in all sorts of ways (not simply brokering peace), but it will require support to be credible. The UN does a decent job protecting refugees (UNHCR), with the World Health Organization (WHO), the UN Childrens Fund (UNICEF), the UN Development Program (UNDP) and other agencies. The Human Rights Council has been reformed and may have more teeth. INternational laws and standards like the International Criminal Court, Landmine Treaty, Universal Declaration of Human Rights etc. really do set standards that are challenged. These things all need to be bolstered, not shot down (or undercut).

There - now I need another cup of coffee.
I thought of this picture and post yesterday when a student told me that her fiance has been in Iraq, and she's seen the pictures, and she knows we are doing the right thing over there.


Hey, I'm an outlaw....
Thankyou for the link - i am
off to post a letter.
The news is that now that the government of Chad is kicking out the US oil companies, Bush will be on the J.O.B. quick. I would be truly disgusted if this causes action on the part of the US, and totally untrustworthy of any committments made by Bush, but if it helps in any way, for that I will be grateful.

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