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Wednesday, August 23, 2006

In the mood for a new season yet?

Fall is coming - the days are shorter and the nights are cool now. It's the most beautiful season to me. Then comes the snow...

This is a photo of my nephew Rusty. He's a semi-pro snowboarder/film maker and sent me this last winter. I think it was taken near Whistler BC. I don't do things like this...I board the inner slopes of my mind instead (which can be exciting too, but probably safer).

Haven't seen that since I left Ottawa in May of '97! brrrrrr...
There isn't enough money on earth to get me to do that. Nope, not even nearly enough.

Our Florida nights haven't cooled yet but I sure will like it when they do. If we can skate through this hurricane season with no hits, it'll be the first time in two years, life will be good. I'm looking forward to cool days and tons of pro football games.
Oh my - no way could anyone make me do that... Used to so skijumping in smaller scale when I was young - until I broke my leg doing it. I kept on skiing, but didn't jump much...

But I long for the winter - I long for the darkness and the snow and the cold. I'm tired of the sun and the heat - winter will be quite OK..
What an incredible picture.

I don't mind fall. I sort of like fall and winter clothing. But I do get tired of bundling the kids up every time we go out after a few months. It seems so humid here right now, I'm ready for summer to end.
That's one cool picture (no pun intended). I wanna try that. I can just imagine the adrenaline rush!!
hi Gary,
what a line -"I board the inner slopes of my mind instead!"
Thank you so much for your kind words and your mail and a post for my loss...
all the seasons have something special about them. mind you, in the UK things tend to be a lot milder. yet everyone here complains about the British weather but we have the best weather in the world; if the weather isn't to your liking, you just wait a hour or two.

autumn is a good season for walking. :o)
No, I'm not ready yet ...
Stop it, Gary! I swear, it was winter only last week - let me squeeze the last few drops of sunshine out of August!
I like the winter, and the air when it's crisp and cold.
Except for when the snot starts to drip down out of my nose.
Kinda distracting while I'm trying to enjoy the cold crispness of the air.
Icicles are cool, as long as they're not giant icicles breaking off of the ceiling of some building and running me through, pinning me to the spot. Hasn't happened yet, but I keep on my toes.
Freezing toes, slogging around in wet boots...
Ok, that's nuts (but my husband would probably love to try it).

The weather has already turned here in Belgium. Cool, crisp days and cold nights. Unfortunately, the forests are mainly pine, and it just rains all the time. I am craving my native New England right now--I miss the colors, the smell of wood burning fires, the crackle of leaves under my feet. And no one celebrates Halloween here :(

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