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Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Blame Canada

Okay - this has it all. Robin Williams, dancing Mounties (in hotpants no less) and that good old South Park classic BLAME CANADA.

I offer it up to the Bush administration to make their own and use to deflect attention from their idiotic policies. Just blame Canada...

The US and Canada should be friends
One likes to make up lies
Other imprisons falsely

A good reason to be friends

I'd like to say a word for the President
He helps Harper to be fearful and defenceless
With a border marked by barbed wire fences

A good reason to be friends

Oh the US and Canada should be friends
One likes to make up lies
Other imprisons falsely

best wishes
Margaret Trudeau!

I wonder how many Americans get that reference? Or Canadians, come to think of it....
Lindsay - are you trying to attract Homeland Security or the Canadian Security Inteligence Service (CSIS)to my blog? Oh well - maybe they're already here. "Hi there spies!!"

Madcap: Not to mention that B***ch Anne Murray!

Canada is kind of funny you know.
Here's the only workable solution: All of us sensible, peace loving/ law abiding Americans should move to Canada, and all of your Harper-loving winguts can move to the States and live amongst our freaky Bush lovers and Religious Frighters in scary-ass bliss.
Y'know Tina, I've run with some pretty conservative Canucks, but never anything like what seems to be coming out of the US right now. And I live in the most conservative, "redneck" of the provinces. I'm really stunned by what's going on down there, and worried, too. You folks are right to be scared. That Bush is either possessed or .... um... I thought there was another option, but maybe I'll just settle for possessed. ;-)

Gary - Canada funny? Funny? Well, that's a big step up from stultifyingly dull, I guess. Not that there's anything wrong with dull. Quirkily dull would be okay. Especially if the alternative is what Tina's dealing with.
Tina and Madcap,

Hey, maybe Tina and friends can come to Canada anyhow - love to have you! As for wingnuts, I think we might have to find a very special place for them - perhaps there will be some nice real estate in Antarctica once the icecap melts. It would be easy for Homeland Security to keep an eye on it and would probably be far too cold for the type of terrorists they are all afraid of.

Okay - time for bed Gary.
Ok, serious discussions aside, I found the video hilarious. Although I was shaking my head while watching it ofcourse. I have no idea what's happening anymore but I do like Tina's suggestion.
Vee - I'm so happy to hear from you. And trying to make sense of what is happening is partly what 'blogworld' is about. Hi to Jackie...
Gary that's so sweet. You just saying you're happy to hear from me totally lifted my mood. Thanks!:)

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