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Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Canada clears 'al-Qaeda suspect' (and then some...)

Yesterday was a small victory - perhaps even a large one. Visitors from Canada will know that Maher Arar has been vindicated in his seeking to clear his name and to reveal at least some of the events leading to his illegal detention, rendition, torture and subsequent release. (Story here)

There are plenty of fingers pointing in Canada - particularly at the RCMP. The US, of course, did the actual kidnapping and hiding of Maher in a Syrian prison, to be interrogated and tortured on their behalf. (Don't falter, Senator McCain...don't let the bastards legalize torture.)

Maher came to our town of Nelson, BC a couple of weeks ago as a guest of the local Amnesty International group. He spoke to a respectful and receptive audience of more than 400. His story was difficult to listen to, but told with courage and dignity - and the hope that it will help us all in the fight to maintain civil liberties and human rights...for all. No exceptions.

I hope Maher, his wife Monia and two delightful children will soon live a life that is 'normal' and I hope that Maher will one day leave behind the nightmares that haunt him still.

Amnesty International op-ed piece here.

Thanks Gary for posting this, I had lost track of Maher ..
There is so much, there is too much.
I was so glad to hear this on the radio, and gladder still to hear that the lies and sources were being nailed to the wall. I'm horrified that Canada, and a liberal government, were so complicit with the US power-madness.
I mentioned Mahar in my post today about Bush Bonaparte and his desire to expand his empty-headed Emperor powers. I hold out the hope that McCain won't cave, but when Sen/Dr Frist ("the medical school kitty killer" and "Mr. I insist upon an up or down vote unless I want to filibuster for Bush") threatens all GOP voices of dissent with a filibuster, and the GOP talking heads are spewing out lies saying that no one should listen to what McCain has to say since he was tortured and is now crazy from said torture, the prospect of McCain holding out is looking grim.
I hope for Tina that McCain won't buckle either. The fact that this low-class, juvenile crap that the GOP spews out when they try to discredit and belittle is so pathetic. Unfortunately, it appeals still to way too many people. AND..Poor Mahar, I read about it and I was disgusted. It made me worry about my Syrian-Canadian friend in Ottawa who, with his complexion and his accent for sure could be distrusted as well. And he's as reliable and decent a person as they come! The history books are going to be full with disgraceful stories such as his.

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